A Message of Hope


The time has come for us to turn yet another page in the Book of Life. This page is made of ethereal gold for it is saturated with the new alchemical energy from the shift in the heavens.

As we focus on the inner realm of the Christmas season, let us celebrate universal brotherhood, honoring the spiritual light within our hearts allowing the overflow to bless all.

Recognizing it is the time for the expansion of the human heart which correlates to the central sun and Christ within, let us transform ourselves and accept the expansion of our consciousness.

As we turn to the new year, may we aspire to be like the artists that Thoreau marveled at.

“Thoreau pointed out that there are artists in life, persons who can change the color of a day and make it beautiful to those with whom they come in contact. We claim that there are adepts, masters in life who make it divine, as in all other arts. Is it not the greatest art of all, this which affects the very atmosphere in which we live?

That it is the most important is seen at once, when we remember that every person who draws the breath of life affects the mental and moral atmosphere of the world, and helps to color the day for those about him.”

As Epictetus the Stoic “recognized his own absolute responsibility and did not try to evade it” may we too recognize our accountability, responsibility and may we seek knowledge of our own human potential and possibilities and see it in others.

Our life, our fate is in our own hands so let us make this year one of maximum spiritual awareness for it is up to us with the grace of God.

“This is an actual fact, not a religious sentiment. In a garden of sunflowers every flower turns towards the light. Why not so with us?”

In the core of our being is the source of the peace that passeth all understanding. With love and compassion in our hearts shall we take more time to meditate, contemplate on our potential, pray for courage, strength, honor and the highest good of all?

As you deck the halls with evergreen, don your doors with wreaths of holly and ivy, string your trees with sparkling lights, fill your homes with color, magic, and festively wrapped gifts in preparation to greet your loved ones and friends, notice the divinity and beauty of the awesome people in your life.

Go forward and serve those who are not as fortunate as you.

At this very special and auspicious time of year in history, Kathy and I with heartfelt gratitude and soulful glee in sharing these profound highest truths and laws of the universe with you:

Wish you a very Happy and Joyous Christmas/Holiday Season
May these days be filled with laughter, joy and love,
Surrounded by your family and friends.
May this spirit of goodwill, open hearts and stilled minds
be with you now and throughout the coming Year.
Let Peace reign and be within us all one and all.

For this is when we shall witness it in our magnificent world!

With deep and profound thanks,

Suzen and Kathy

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