Welcome Friends!

suzen and I3Hello and welcome to all resonating souls!

How our hearts dance with joy as the journey/mission that revealed itself so long ago is finally at fruition.

Some 40 years ago Suzen and I shared a magical “awakening” in the basement of my Cleveland condo. Although fairly newly acquainted, we became fast, strong, deep friends almost immediately and it wasn’t long into our relationship that we both realized we shared a very, very strong desire to know “God” and our place in the Universe.

Our destiny was beginning to take conscious shape as we shared and communed our spirits. One night as we were sharing an evening of reading in the bible (the bible was not something either one of us normally spent much time in as we were both raised Catholic). However that night we were reading when the “lightning bolt” of revelation and awakening literally jumped off the page as we read words in Matthew and lit up our minds and hearts with understanding we never had before.

Our lives were never the same after that moment. Not in written word, but intuitively God revealed to us our mission and we both embraced this mission.

We’ve spent the last 40 plus years working towards that goal…never giving up the dream, never doubting that someday we would be wise and pure enough vessels for Love to work through.

The time is NOW.

If it is coddling you want…you won’t find it here.

We are commissioned to bring raw Truth…without the sugar coating…

We will be direct…writing as we are inspired, reaching those ready/prepared enough to embrace the Light without fears, limitations and borders. You must have an open mind. One ready to receive otherwise the words here will be just that, words with no meaning.

Do not block your mind with preconceived ideas. You must enter here as an open clean vessel…willing to be taught of God.

If you are lost and confused allow us to help you reconnect to Source and begin your own magical journey within, where Peace, Abundance and Joy await but your recognition and acceptance.

If you have already embarked on this magical journey, welcome here to our humble home of Divine Grace. Please feel free to share your own euphoric moments of Divine Consciousness and Knowing.

We are here to teach and be taught. To share, learn and grow. Grow into the brightest light we can possibly muster and then continue growing and expanding and learning forever and ever worlds without end…

…continually changing as we dance the dance of Eternal creativeness using the Light of All Potential.

We are your servants of the Light… expanding into the recesses of all minds…until only the mind of God remains.


With Grace and Gratitude – 

In service to Love,