Control Worry Addictions

worry3Worry knocks on the door of our mind with a nagging thought. As you open the door to this thought, all of it’s relatives come barging in bringing chaos, discomfort, claiming your attention and focus.

It’s proverbial mantra is the big “WHAT IF.”

You will one day look back on your life and all the worries and say I had so many worries of troubles that never happened.

Actually worry is a poignant messenger, what we are worrying about is something we feel we have no control over.

Worry allows us to see where we need to build our faith and courage acknowledging issues that cause imbalance and pain.

Worry is fears ally…check your body when you are worrying, this feeling of discomfort and stress provides continual information to allow us to know ourselves better, when we are out of balance.

Body Intelligence is an important component of self-knowledge

It is time to peel the onion, pulling away the superficial story to realize where this perception came from. Shine the light of discovery on the issue, the thoughts, the perception, the pattern of belief. It has surfaced for this exact reason, an opportunity to heal.

Life is movement, worrying stops you, it stagnates your energy and the life pulsating through your being. It is a thief in the night of your soul.

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”
Leo Buscaglia


“Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.”
Swedish Proverb

Let’s say you have discovered something in your finances you have been negligent about. The consequences proved to lessen your bank account anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

You feel deep guilt, remorse and begin thinking about how you will pay or all the things you could have done with this money that slid through your fingers.

These thoughts often haunt you at 3:00 am and start the ceaseless hamster wheel of head trash that increases your heart rate and sends a flood of cortisol throughout your body. How are you to get back to the sleep you so badly need?



At this meta moment the observer part of you can suggest your mind to “STOP NOW.” As you consciously slow your breathing, stop, and bring your attention to the moment; you will have halted the spiraling avalanche of pain and suffering.

The transformation occurs when you bring your mind to the Presence. Thinking is an addiction of the mind. Understanding the mind’s proclivity to pull you in to bigger and more out of control thoughts, allows you to  move beyond and step into the driver’s seat.

As you practice Mind Training, the old software of the subconscious that has haunted you with feelings and perceptions of shame, blame, guilt, and insecurities dissolve.

Bringing your attention to the Present moment within The Presence is the great problem solver of thinking too much. This practice is the solution to living under the control of worry and fear.

We are enveloped by the ocean of Presence, truly it is all there is.                                                                

To lifiting ourselves, lifting others,




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