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Here we are, December 2012 is upon us. The news and entertainment industry, steeped in sensationalism and fear, present this month we have now entered as the beginning of the end.

The movie 2012 portrayed total destruction of the earth with a few elitist surviving, and a new age sans all religion.

Much talk of the end of the Mayan, Egyptian, Aztec, Hopi, Hindu calendars, and the Chinese I Ching, the galactic alignment and astronomical events occurring every 26,000 years, the dawning of the age of Aquarius and end of the Piscean, the witnessing of the white buffalo, all foretell of great change, endings, new energy and a new age of peace and harmony.

Today’s zeitgeist is what many believe to be an upgrade in DNA, a renaissance of spirit, a turn inward, a time of self responsibility, action, congruency and accountability.  It is time for the human race to ascend. It is the time of heart.

The loss of jobs, pensions, homes, relationships, climactic chaos…life is simply turning us upside down along with all prior belief systems.

People cannot depend on the system, governmental, financial, or otherwise, the grid that was taken for granted is falling apart.

Mr. Carlos Barrios, is a Guatemalan anthropologist, historian, and investigator, who has studied under the Mayan elders for over 25 years.  He and his brother spoke to more than 600 Mayan elders to better understand the meaning given about this new age we are entering.

He explains the traditional elders are disappointed and saddened by the hyperbole created about the Mayan calendar. Many people from all walks of life who visit the Mayan temples, decipher the readings, inscription and stories and in turn attempt to teach uninformed Mayan beliefs and philosophy to the world.

Yet the Elders declare that much of what they share is a poor excuse in relating actual truth of the indigenous Mayan Way.  The indigenous shamans and forefathers are the interpreters of their sacred calendars and are insulted when foreigners research and scrutinize their sacred heritage, which then results in misleading declarations.

These well meaning ones depart from the Mayans ancient lands without the courtesy of speaking to the holders of their history and philosophy.

The indigenous tradition keepers want all who are interested to know that the world will not come to an end on December 21, 2012, it will simply transform, it is a blessed event for our species.

There is a vast system of knowledge held within the Mayan Calendars.  It includes cycles, seasons and time covering over ten million years interpreted from 17 calendars.  Created centuries ago this sacred calendar’s findings are based on the Pleiades cycle.

1987 witnessed a focus on the Tzolk’in or Cholq’ij. Calendar, this is the calendar that many have sought to interpret about the coming times.  These native calendars were the keepers of game changing events and crossroads in human history.

They presaged explorers landing on their shores from the east with butterfly wings.  Upon Cortez’s arrival to their land, the sails of their ships resembled butterfly wings and the indigenous tribes were there to greet them.

They also knew of the genocide that would occur in the period they called the Nine hells of 52 years.  Mr. Barrios relates that currently we are in a state of limbo, no longer in the Fourth Sun, heading towards, but no yet in the Fifth Sun. It is a time when priorities and focus on the physical is dissipating.

We are at a major turning point wherein Mother Earth is seeking to be respected as she too is ascending and needs her in habitants honor and care.

The abuse of pollution in her rivers and oceans, the gases released in her atmosphere, the waste and chemicals stuffed within her and her waterways,  the obliteration of her forests, and raging wars on her soil must come to an end.

She is throwing out all the poison and excess through earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, sand storms, wild fires, flooding and a host of other world climatic chaos we are witnessing in meteorologic conditions.

We must live cooperatively and compassionately with each other and the planet we call home which feeds, provides shelter, beauty, inspiration, and joy for us.

What will really happen on December 21, 2012, the winter solstice is the initiation of great change,  The world will not longer be as it once was.

Basic spiral mathematical principles were used in the Mayan Calendar to prophesize the great changes taken place on earth presently.

“At sunrise on December 21. 2012, for the first time in 26,000 years the Sun rises to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic.  This cosmic cross is considered to be an embodiment of the Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life, a tree remembered in the world’s spiritual traditions.”

It has been shared by many that this specific alignment with the heart of our galaxy stems from the center of the universe and is the harbinger of cosmic energy that will elevate vibrational frequency, open hearts, raise our DNA, and move mankind into it’s next level of ascension.

It is said that it is the time where the light and dark forces will come to a head, the light will clear out any obstacles in it’s path, it is up to us whether the process occurs painfully with much suffering or gradually with cooperation.  The traditions and  prophecies of all peoples, are now assembling, dynamic souls from the dark and light are employing supernatural powers.

The banking system is crumbling and if it fails we will resort to the land as we once did for all systems will fail. The North and South Pole are collapsing, sea level is rising, wars, famine, disease, social disorder, environmental overwhelm, are increasing during this transition.  We observe it daily.

Hope is alive if the people of the light can come together. There is much competition and distractions in the forces of light with each group, culturally diverse thinking they are the way.  The dark powers of the Fourth Sun cannot be fought, ignored, conquered, or annihilated.  The system has been in place for eons and the materialists are fighting the union of the forces of light at every turn.

The forces of materialism is a strong and organized chain of command.  All their focus is in blocking earth’s fusion with the Fifth Sun, there is much fear in the Coming Age where they will be dismantled.

There is much tension, the contingent of light workers must come to a central focus and work open heartedly and simply to connect with the Fifth Sun; this will be the only way the deteriorating world of the Fourth Sun and it’s forces may be subdued and transformed.

Polarity is connected to the Fourth Sun, day and night, light and dark, female and male.  The great balance is on it’s way.  Light needs the dark, the opposites need each other, but in fusion and harmony.

The fifth element after earth, water, fire, air being issued in during the rise of the Fifth Sun is ether.  It is connected to the heavens and not materialistic, it is the GREAT balancer of the opposites.

Polarity is not needed when ether has her way. It is the energy so needed for the healing of our planet. Ether is defined as the “rarefied element of the heavens.” She is the great weaver and giver of energy.

There is a serious call to action, our planet is on the cusp of transformation or destruction.  It depends on our awareness, preparation, hearts, cooperation, and understanding.  We must not fight or resist, the energy of love exuding from the heart will create the “FUSION” needed.

The Mayans say, “In Lake’ch, I am another yourself.  We are all the same human and through myself I know you and you know me.  Sounds like a good reason to be tolerant and compassionate doesn’t it?”

Every soul incarnated at the present time is significant and part of the great cosmic puzzle. Mr. Barrios offered advice for the upcoming years of transiting into the Fifth Sun:

  • Know who you are, what you want, and your relationship to Mother Earth.
  • Expand your meditation and spiritual practice.
  • Elect officials who will care for the earth and stop the abuse.
  • Check your attitudes, and move into action.
  • Open your heart and listen to it’s voice.
  • Honor differences, diversity and endeavor towards unity.
  • Preserve food and conserve energy.
  • Be mindful of what you eat and drink.
  • Work and master breathing techniques.
  • Your spiritual tradition must have deep roots, follow your heart.
  • Learn how to sense and feel people, animals and plant energy.
  • Travel to the sacred places of the earth and pray for peace, these centers of our planet need to be reactivated.
  • Prayer techniques like lighting a white or blue candle, speak your intention of peace to the flame and send it to the leaders who make the decisions about war and peace.
  • Make your daily decisions based on love, not fear.
  • No judgment, allow everyone their own path.
  • Be mindful of negative powers and do not let them separate and divide.
  • See the best in all, build self esteem and confidence in others, help them take back their power.
  • Speak of the positive attributes of the coming change when doomsday is voiced.  Help others with their fears by focusing on the beauty of the time.
  • Be vigilant to be connected to the spark of life’s creative energy.

The most important element is simplicity, all the answers are within us, encrypted in our DNA.  Send out love, see the best in your brothers and sisters.  Each one of us are here to balance the beautiful sphere we live on.

Open your heart, listen to her, allow her to lead the way and you will have found the answer and the way.  Develop your inner voice and intuition.

The Fifth Sun is awaiting us, the dawning of a new era of peace, light and happiness.  On December 21, 2012, this event is indicated as the solar meridian crosses the galactic equator and the earth is in alignment with the center of the galaxy.  It is the initiation into the Fifth Sun that we have all come here for and are awaiting.








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