Divine Consciousness Evolving


Meditation imagesIt is simple – there is ONE IMMUTABLE TRUTHEnjoy the following excerpt from Walter Russell who writes according to knowledge of this omniscient and omnipresent Principle of Universal Law.


The coming age will mark an epochal advancement in man’s evolution toward his goal of omniscience and omnipotence.

Man becomes a higher being with greater power as he acquires knowledge. In knowledge alone lies power. Only through knowledge can man become co-creator with God.

Knowledge can be obtained by man only through awareness of the Spirit within him. Lack of that awareness is the tragedy of today’s civilization.

During the last century of the greatest scientific progress in the history of man, great nations of the world have killed, robbed, and enslaved other men to build their own empires.

Even today man kills by the millions, condoning his killing as necessary for his self-preservation. He is now but reaping the seed of his sowing. He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

No man can hurt another man without condemning himself to greater hurt.

Fear dominates the world of today. While fear is in the world love cannot also be. Love can never dominate the world until man ceases to live a primarily sensed existence and knows the Light of the spirit within him.

This new age brings man one step nearer to the universe of greater knowing through greater comprehension of man’s relation to man, and to God.

Each past cycle in the growth of man toward higher levels has been illumined by the few inspired messengers of the Light who have known God in themselves.

New inspired messengers who know God in themselves will likewise give the Light to this new cycle. And these few messengers of the Light must multiply into legions, for the need of a spiritual awakening is great.

Man’s whole reason for being is to gradually pass through his millions of years of physical sensing into his ultimate goal of spiritual knowing. Man has now reached a transition point in his unfolding where he must have that knowing. He can acquire that knowing only through greater awareness of the Light of the universal Self which centers him as One with God.

~ Walter Russell

Sacred blessing to all, may your soul be lifted and your heart be warmed.

In Divine service,


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