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As I was driving in our nations capital, the city that has now reached the unenviable position of the worst traffic in the USA, overtaking LA’s claim, a car came right up to my bumper on a one-lane road.  I glanced at my speedometer and was already traveling 5 mph over the speed limit.

The driver continued to tail my car; there was no shoulder to pull over and let him by. As it continued I felt my heart rate increase, solar plexus heat up, and pit develop in my stomach…I knew I was in fight or flight, my adrenals were coming to my aid, converting fats and proteins into energy, delivering cortisol to my system.

I was consciously able to observe the changes in my emotional and physical state.  Determined to use the situation as an experiment, I disciplined myself to focus on the changes happening as I shifted out of homeostasis into a stress response.

My physiology set the stage to allow a high state of alert in order to meet the challenge before me, or should I say behind me.  Our physiology is the metric, which enables us to read and monitor the present condition of our mind, consciousness and awareness.

When our homeostasis (state of balance) transforms into a stress response, our physiology parallels our state of consciousness.  When you feel your body’s physiology changing due to mental or physical stress the hormone cortisol is produced by the adrenal cortex.

Continuous high levels of cortisol secretion may compromise our well-being and lead to adrenal imbalance and exhaustion.

The chronic state of stress has been tied to obesity, sleep disorders, cancer, low energy, inflammation, infections, weight around the waist and a slew of other maladies. Moods occur when feelings are not felt but pushed down and suppressed.

Okay, so hopefully the picture has been set…chronic states of anxiety, stress, hopelessness, depression, moodiness, and fear is just not appropriate for the ontology of health, happiness, balance, yes peace.

Those who have read, studied and researched their share of spiritual works understand the underlying principle is self-responsibility.

The first step in self-responsibility is to check how much power and energy our victim controls.  Everyone possesses the victim archetype in certain degrees. The test of self-responsibility is established when we employ the victim, saboteur, child, universal archetype to function in the quest for our highest good;  we acknowledge the lower energy the archetypes hold.

The whoah is me victim, look what is being done to me, the self conscious saboteur who robs advancement, or the dependent child who cannot do anything for themselves. We shine the light on them within our psyche and develop their energy into an empowered adult by not victimizing others, negating others success, or the need to control another.

The emphasis is no longer placed on what others have done to us.  We know look within ourselves and take full responsibility, realizing the only person we can change is ourself.

This is proof that purposeful actions of empowerment create a perception that all is possible with effort, belief, determination, perseverance and faith, believing in things unseen.

The proof is in the understanding that we are the creators of our reality, of how we experience life, nothing happens outside of us that we did not need or set up.  Yet, there is a caveat needed at this juncture.

Please insert how you reference Higher Power: Great Spirit, Source, Universe, Force, Supreme Being, Divinity, Yahweh, God, Allah, Buddha, Atman, Higher Self, Providence, Creator, etc.  (I will use several and hope not to offend anyone.)

When moving out of a victim state of consciousness to one of empowerment, a temptation to feel and believe we are in control usually develops.

We are to take responsibility for our lives and how our behaviors, mindset, perceptions impact ourselves, others and planet.  Albeit, the next step is acknowledging the need for a profound surrender to one’s Higher Power.

This is the state of humility, the state of love, the place of enlightenment.  We give honor where it is due, our ego merges with our Higher Self.  Our 100 trillion cells are filling with light.

The next stage of awareness is the absolute, total knowing that we have no control, yes, we may control whether we choose or react. yet this ability stems from the Grace of Providence, as does anything we do.

When we realize that we move, live, breathe, exist, be, through Source that created us, true understanding dawns and the door to the Peace that passeth all understanding is before us.

This transformation or evolution of spirit, awareness and consciousness allows the acceptance of all the conditions and facets of life.  We understand that life is a mirror of our inner state.

The dawning of this cognizance draws us out of the opposites, polarities of chaos.  We realize that all is needed, we cannot know hot without cold or love without fear.

The energies of 2012 liken this process to getting on an escalator; the movement up is inevitable yet with ease. I have often thought that Our Creator is quite the practical joker.

It is in the unwanted events, circumstances, and conditions we find ourselves in that hold the key to our freedom. Yet, we must walk through them.

We want to go kicking and screaming as far as possible from messages that nudge the disowned parts of ourselves, not realizing the gift before us.  People, events, occurrences are noble donors of our get out of jail card!

A Hawaiian therapist by the name of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len healed an entire ward of the imprisoned criminally insane without ever seeing them  He calls the process Ho’oponopno.

Dr Hew Len simply studied their charts and then looked within himself to see how he had contributed to their illness. When asked how he did this, he simply created a mantra saying I love you, I am sorry over and over, seeing any negative attributes in each chart in himself and sought forgiveness and professed love.

He claimed self responsibility for what was within himself and by doing so healed every labeled insane criminal.  He erased the label for his brothers by changing himself!

Eventually all the patients were released from their shackles to walking around without incident, to total freedom, to being released and now the ward is closed.

Just as our physiology is the key to the movement into our patterns, the urge to judge, project, and escape something or someone are clear signposts of a soul call.  Our souls are begging us to recognize the need to cleanse, to be rid of that which no longer serves us. To bring in that which is so insidious to us.

The Universe is gracious though, we find ourselves experiencing the same emotion/pattern over and over until we get the lesson to be learned. The move up and beyond the painful memories of wrongdoing and suffering into forgiveness, a giving forth to life instead of stagnation in beliefs which bind and no longer serve us.

The statement life is a mirror means exactly and simply what it says; all that we see outside of ourselves reflects the current state of our consciousness. Life is the teacher, advisor, guide, and mentor of the change we need to make within ourselves…this is the true definition, sine qua non of self-responsibility.

When we see anger, hostility, disrespect, bigotry, greed, resentment, hate, intolerance, control, oppression, self-righteousness, blame, condemnation, jealousy, etc. or anything less than love, standing before us in the guise of a person, community, thing; take note.

When it results in irritation, pushes our buttons, changes our physiology, sets up a stress response; this is the key, the signpost, the crossroads for us to journey within to start the healing process.

The need is to turn within and absolve ourselves of all we see outside oneself.  It is then that we become masters of our ego, clear vessels for Providence to work through.

The need is to surrender to the teacher LIFE and go nowhere else but within to release, clean out, obliterate the blocks life is presenting. For example, let’s say we experience resentment from someone, instead of seeing it in them, judging them, gossiping about them, avoiding them, the sacred choice is to look where resentment is within ourselves.  If the resentment we see is not pushing any buttons, there is no resentment within veiling our awareness.

The only Way Out is to go to The Door of Everything within. This is how realities are transformed.  The change from fear to love has been staged.  Only looking within ourselves: as Voltaire states, “Prejudices is what fools use for reason,” Havelock Ellis, “Men who know themselves are no longer fools. They stand on the threshold of the door of Wisdom.” Dale Carnegie, “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do.”

Pain is inevitable; suffering is a choice.  We suffer when the chance to grow, develop and expand is forfeited because we choose to hang the gift before us on someone else through judgment, projection and avoidance. This is Earth School, this is the incentive and motivation for being here and now.

Summary of movement from fear to love :

  • Realizing the physiological change from homeostasis to the stress response.
  • Estimating where we are at with: the victim, saboteur, child archetypes.
  • Understanding the spiral into our negative pattern that rob energy and blocks what we want most in our lives…love.
  • Acknowledging we are in fear and out of love.
  • Living life as a mirror reflecting our consciousness, false perception, the issues that we are ready to work through.
  • Judging not, as the person or circumstance before us is a gift and key to higher consciousness and awareness.
  • Knowing all is aright and exactly what it should be, no blame, shame, guilt, finger pointing.
  • Integrating the material we dislike outside and bringing it within ourselves to clear out and cleanse the blocks keeping us in fear.
  • Moving into self-empowerment- our reality is what we make it.
  • Engaging enlightenment-  releasing and surrendering to Greater Power.
  • Accepting the principle that we are not in control, everything comes from Grace,  we have humbled ourselves before our Creator.
  • Asking for forgiveness, which is giving forth and letting go of that which no longer serves us.
  • Stating the great attitude of gratitude; the law of multiplication constantly.
  • Professing love for LOVE and LIFE, our Source.
  • Intuiting the Purpose of life is to awaken. This process can only be done when we realize the change happens within us, consequently without.
  • Making the change within ourselves lifts the collective, raises the energy of our planet, making it a better world to live in.
  • Creating a mantra when we find ourselves spiraling downward into emotion and suffering.  Try Dr. Hew Len’s, I am sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you, a conversation with God about oneself, not others.

We are here to awaken, to become enlightened-to be lighter.  This can only occur if we take on self-responsibility, glean self-knowledge and know beyond a shadow of a doubt Who is in control. In seeking a lifeline to Divinity, hearing the inner voice, we receive grace to heal ourselves.

It is a journey within, a journey that connects us to our Higher Self, a merging of our ego into All that Is, the Great I Am, a discovery of what we came here to do. In glorifying ourselves, we glorify the core of life, Our Creator.  When you want to make the change you see in the world simply know it is an inside job.

So instead of lowering myself into a power-struggle with my noble friend riding my bumper, I could choose to think of the pain he was in, or perhaps there was an emergency, or pull it all within myself.  Sometimes we forget the energy we send out can escalate a problem or heal it…expandimg our consciousness and the collective.

Ode to Living Awareness,



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