Forever Young

Many of us have experienced the frustration from an inability to communicate with folks from different countries, languages and cultures.  The language barrier prohibits a free flow of words, thoughts and ideas.  Yet, if we used numbers and music notes, the barriers would dissolve.

Music is a universal language.  It breaks barriers, can open a closed and pained heart, it connects people on many different levels.  Notes, like numbers, link mankind, being the same in every language and culture.

We write about the fact that this new dispensation holds the message of no more death. The pain of loss of life and leaving loved ones behind belongs to an age gone by. There is no need anymore because all may choose to go on from life to life without leaving the body…

it is transmuted and can therefore grow into what it was created for, worlds without end.
Enjoy the lyrics to this song and then make sure you watch the You Tube video all the way through.  It contains thought provoking images of people of all ages awakening to the call to live forever and stepping into the diamond light, so simple, just need to see it, feel it, understand it with complete faith.

As the lyrics say youth are like diamonds in the sun and…diamonds are forever. So tell me-“Can you imagine when this race is one and we turn our golden faces into the sun?”
Let’s join them, can you envision it?




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