Happiness is a “choice,” I take actions daily to create a happy lifestyle…

*  I plan one positive action after I arise in the morning before I start my day.

*  I take 10 minutes to center myself, whether it be prayer, meditation, listening to soothing music or the chirping birds; whatever my personal trigger of happiness is. I make this time a daily routine. 

*  I read or watch light and soothing content to enrich my soul.

*  I take the time to open my mind to the relaxation of  listening to the symphony of nature or music to lift my spirit.

*  I give my loved ones a hug, squeeze; to express my love for them before everyone goes their way.

*  I accept my family members for who they are, it’s not a happy choice to try to perfect them.


Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I planned daily actions to choose habits of happiness?

2. As I take gentle steps to change my lifestyle do I perceive my loved ones differently?

3. Am I getting over thinking that taking time for myself is selfish, realizing I cannot give what I don’t have?

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