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healthy-egoThere are so many lost arts these days: customer service, road courtesy, respect for elders, parents and teachers, airline courtesies, coming to the door to pick up your date…the list goes on and on.

I will not get into the social, psychological, custom or cultural aspect, the point is, our world has lost many of the basic courtesies we once held in esteem.  One of the most glaring within the spiritual/business/sports/ entertainment venue is humility.

If you were to take a survey, the largest percentage of responses may define humility as meekness or an “aw shucks” mentality.  It is not about a lack of self confidence, self esteem, or belief in self.

It is not about diminishing one’s gifts, talents, successes and achievements in any way.  Possessing the virtue of humility is founded on an understanding that your possible best is forefront and center in developing the gifts, purpose and talents one has.

It is about understanding that you have much to be grateful for, the recognition of parents, relatives, mentors, opportunities, connections, education, and finances that supported you along the way.

It is an understanding that it takes a village to build the successes of that village.  Humility is the grace which enables the leader to listen to others in the acceptance that he/she does not know everything.

The humble leader acknowledges that two or more heads are better than one, other perspectives are vital and significant for the highest good of the organization, community, or group.

The humble leader does not interrupt, interfere, condescend, or debase others when they are speaking.  Hubris keeps those in power believing their viewpoint is the ultimate or highest choice.

Many miss red flags and signposts of trouble brewing because their puffed ego gets in the way. The humble soul acknowledges mistakes and failures without the urgency to place blame on another when things do not go their way.

He/she braces with the fall and demonstrates how to get back up and mount the saddle again without having to take those in lesser positions down with the failure. There is a belief and faith in the gifts of others.  The humble at heart know that others will pick up where they fall short as others share his/her talents.

Denial, rationalizations, hypocrisy, delusions, justifications are not part of someone who lives the humble way.  There is no need for pejorative defenses and reactions because they can look in the mirror and know who they are and the promise they hold.

A healthy ego and humble spirit are the keystone to ultimate success for oneself and those on their team. A healthy ego is able to look at one’s strengths and weaknesses in balance sans narcissism and anxiety.

A healthy ego has taken the time to know thyself with a recognition we are no better or worse than anyone else, we are who we are meant to be and we are blessed to possess this consciousness.

A healthy ego is the right size, it does not compare, feel superior or less than.  It balances the frustrations, fears and anxieties in life.

The people that touch our lives that have not attained awareness are simply on the same journey experiencing the results of universal law and will liberate their consciousness when the soul is ready.

If we are tempted to judge, a speedy remedy is to realize Higher Power allows all flowers to blossom in their own time…who are we to get involved?

The ego is not a bad thing, it does need to be pruned and tended to.  Our ego is an ally, it is the fuel for the never give up engine.

The mind is the Door to Everything.  A healthy ego and humble spirit feel comfortable with themselves because they live in their core and have taken heroic measures and time to do so.  Healthy egos advance healthy minds.  They are the key that opens the mind and keeps it new and humble.

Those who are dissatisfied have vain egos and have a challenging time being satisfied.  An unhealthy ego promotes a mind out of control and acts without thinking.  It closes down the mind to new points of view.

When a healthy ego crosses over to a vain ego we have fallen asleep, yet the ego thinks it is awake as cortisol pulsates through  the body systems making us feel very much alive.  It has fallen off the virtual vanity cliff.  The best fuel to ignite this lapse is anger.  When  cortisol, the fight or flight survival mode is in full swing,  the vain ego reaches its pinnacle.

Taking the perpetual steps to tame the ego is not for the faint of heart.  The ego possesses the consummate degree of perseverance whose best weapon is defensiveness.  All forms of meditation, contemplation, silence, and prayer assist the individual to approach the quest to tame the ego.

Abundant blessings to one and all in the challenge of changing the ego from our nemesis to our greatest ally.  May we unencumber ourselves by ridding ourselves of the strapped fin and swim our little fish bowl in ease and joy!

In de-light,


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