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31154b5bfe276d617d615659b6df85a9You have a right to peace. Your body will always feel uneasy and let you know when your spirit is being disturbed. Take care of yourself and walk away when it does not feel right.

Walk away from negative frequencies whenever they disturb your Spirit. You do not have to explain or justify your decision to others’. Just say, if anything, “this disturbs my Spirit.”

That is usually enough said. Notice the vibration of a place or situation and its effect on your Spirit. Do not allow your ego mind to make you doubt your right to peace.

Vibration is not always something you hear or can name. Sometimes it is just a feeling. In honor of your Spirit, notice the vibration of life around you and choose to leave vibrations that do not feel supportive to your Spirit.

Listen with your body and trust your vibes. If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. And if it isn’t, you have a right to walk away.

For example, last summer I went visit to the Shrine of St. Catherine LaBoure in Paris, France. She is the patron saint of silence, and quite miraculously, after her death her body never deteriorated.

You can actually see her lying in state in dead repose in the church. On the day I entered there was a service in French going on, and people were praying all around me.

Normally you would assume this would feel very positive, but it didn’t. Instead people kept affirming over and over, “I am not worthy” and were filled with self –loathing, sorrow, and angst.


Though each person present was a beautiful vessel of Divine light, their egos were having a collective may-day with them and what I heard and felt was a litany of self-loathing bad vibes.

I tried to sit and pray in silence for a few moments, wanting to feel the connection with God and St Catherine, but instead found myself becoming agitated, irritable, self-critical, and ashamed.15c59b1b56b0157e0d4da33ef09809c3

I was being infected with the negative focus of the people. At first I sat in total denial. After all, this was supposed to be a holy place. But my body didn’t agree. I started feeling worse about myself by the minute.

“What a superficial loathsome creature I am. I am not holy enough. I am selfish and unkind.” All sorts of self -attacking thoughts flooded me.

At the time, I was with my friend Debra and my daughter Sabrina. Wondering if the discomfort I was feeling was mine alone, or shared, I looked over to see if their experience was any better. From the looks on their faces, I could tell it wasn’t.


Once our eyes connected, and without saying a single word we were in agreement. “Let’s get the heck out of here, “ we said in silence. All three of us got up and bolted in an instant, asking St Catherine and God to understand as we ran for higher ground.

Walking away from anything that offends your Spirit is perhaps one the most empowering acts of self-love you can ever choose. If your Spirit does not feel safe, respected and honored then you have the right to leave and must.

The key is to make the distinction between your Spirit and your ego. If it is your ego that is offended, you will feel and desire to lash out, judge, blame, retaliate, collapse, freak out or freeze in the face of your discomfort.

But if it is your Spirit, you will simply want to get away, quickly and quietly. So do. Just excuse yourself and walk away. Explain if you must, that you feel suddenly ill, or need some air, or have to go the restroom. Be swift and silent as you walk away and don’t ask for or wait for permission.

If exit or escape is not possible, plan B is to breathe deeply, cross your arms across your solar plexus, and turn your body away from the source of negativity as far as you can discern.

With every breathe say out loud or silently, “the light of God surrounds and protects me; Spirit, mind, emotion and body.” And exhale. Do it again and reframe from speaking.

Use your words silently, or aloud, to affirm God loves you, and you love you, and this love protects you from all harm. The secret to this is to breathe deeply, calmly, slowly, and do not stop affirming,

“God loves me Spirit, mind body-body mind, Spirit. I love my mind body Spirit. My Spirit and God’s Spirit are one.” Another powerful source of influence, and a potentially negative one, is that of your own voice.

If you speak to yourself with the voice of your Spirit, it will create a beautiful aura of love and inner peace. If, on the other hand, the voice you speak to yourself with is your ego voice, it can be the most toxic of all negative vibrations you can ever experience.

To let your ego tear you apart is a form of psychic cannibalism, your ego feeding off your own essence. Walk away from this as well. The minute you find your ego attacking your Spirit, get up and go for a walk, with the explicit intention that you are walking away from the negativity of your fearful ego.


As you walk, notice the beauty around you. Name it. Identify it. Speak it out loud. By the time you spend three minutes doing this, you will be distanced from your ego and reconnected with the positive vibration of your Spirit.


Conversely, the sound of your own voice is also the most healing. This is because the voice your loving Spirit is the voice of God and as I said, or rather my mom said, “If God is with you who is against you?”

Even more powerful is the sound of your voice singing. When you sing, you create a bridge to the angelic realm and gain access to this tremendous realm of love and beauty.

This wards off negativity every time. Whenever you find yourself steeped in negativity, simply sing at the top of your lungs. When you do you open your heart, and your Spirit takes over your expression.

In addition, the angels come running to your side and this raises your vibration to a Divine level, far more powerful than any negative vibration can stand.

My favorite song to sing is the classic African spiritual song “this Little Light of Mine-I’m Gonna’ let it Shine.” It works every time. Better yet, make up your own song to affirm your beautiful Divine Spirit and watch it make whatever bedevils you run away.e4a17e1f968485c41647ac83ecb6ab64

It may not sound, on paper, as though this technique has much power, but don’t let it fool you. Singing to affirm your Spirit is self-love of the highest order. So before your ego dismisses it, and it will, try it. I promise you. It works.

Create your own melody and have it ready when you get caught off guard by internal and external saboteurs Cross your arms over your solar plexus and breathe deeply in the face of energy that disturbs your Spiritb56a4d2da0b0d2cee46ed39084fb16c0

As you walk away from negativity, name, out loud all the beauty around you for at least three minutes. This will help sustain the wall of light you have constructed to protect your spirit.

This post is shared from Sonia Choquette. In a world that must choose between love and fear, there is so much upheaval as the wheat is separated from the chaff.  I hope you enjoyed the share about how to trust you sixth sense and how to protect your spirit.

Walk Away From Negativity


To light, love and life!



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