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Sometimes we come across a vignette with a message so poignant it opens a door of understanding beyond what we once gleaned.

It is an aha moment that forever transforms our awareness.  This video by Dove is such an expose.


It’s message reflects the consequences of our negative self talk, the habit of fixating on perfection and how we do not add up or match society’s notion of acceptability.

We tear ourselves up because we are living in duality, separateness, competition, judgment, resistance, fear, lack, limitation.  The deceptive snares of the world have a stronghold on us.

1002151_543159429065438_1567388253_nSince childhood many of us have heard the admonishment “love your neighbor as yourself.”  This law seems to predicate the necessity of  possessing appropriate love for ourselves to enable us to love another.

But what is SELF LOVE?  Where does it come from?  How does it emerge as peace, joy, compassion, and develop a noble character?

Where is the line between self deprecation and unworthiness to knowing yourself as LOVE and nurturing that LOVE at the center of your being?

It is a cognizant act of building the bridge that is already there, actually crossing it, from being fully human, living the outer journey, our own odyssey, to the journey of the Radiant Heart.  The inner and outer journey’s are one in the same.

We choose at some point to journey inward because we have learned the lessons from the outer journey just as Thoreau experienced Walden, he went into the woods and then left the woods, “I left the woods for as good a reason as I went there. Perhaps it seemed to me that I had several more lives to live, and could not spare any more time for that one.”

Of course there is a “thin line” between egoic self love,: that of image, appearance, beauty, success, class, money, intelligence, the traits society and the collective deem worthy and Soul Love.

This is self esteem based on perfectionism, on an image of what we should be, it is based on the mind and self talk.  It is dictated by media, by our culture, by the collective’s perception.

This journey takes us to a long, pot-holed, dark, trecherous dead end road of rejection, low self worth and feelings of unworthiness because it is based on fiction.

541686_571270262933687_1681890813_nThe idiom “charity begins at home” clarifies our need to focus on opening our hearts to ourselves, forgive ourselves, free ourselves (subconscious) from erroneous belief systems. Only then may the charity we have supplied for ourselves expand and be shared with another.

This presupposes then, a responsibility, an accountability for each of us to realize we are a kernel of the Divine.  The fastest, most direct route to develop real self love is to hold a deep inner knowing of our origins.  This displaces the notion of separateness and unworthiness.

It is truly how we identify ourselves that defines self-esteem or esteem of self.  The only lasting, true, immutable, love for self originates in the deep inner knowing that we are ONE with all that IS.

It’s core is our notion of God, Source Energy, and our relationship to the Divine.


The work of achieving a solid esteem is an arduous discipline.  It entails confronting ourselves, tough choices, persevering through pain and doubt, making needed changes, overcoming difficulties, moving beyond victimhood into accountability and learning life’s lessons with grace…that is without resistance.

If we can accept whatever life is offering us in any given moment as the key to  Higher Self, we will experience the alchemy of magic, our lives wondrously transform.

To truly love ourselves, who we are, our core self, we must comprehend that our life experience is a mirror of our consciousness.  We get that resisting anything is focusing on it and feeding it.  Any time we push energy, experiences, pain away it expands, controls and masters our life.

Just as we may tune into the radio in our cars, picking up the frequency being sent out by the satellite tower, the frequency of our energy picks up and attracts the same vibration from the 7.10 billion on our planet resonating the same emotion.

1010321_566132753447438_10178672_nThe Voice of Your Heart gently whispers the way to go, to Soul expansion.  Each soul given the magnificent opportunity to experience life on earth is rooted in the RADIANT HEART.  When we tire of the drama, the same old same old, the pain and suffering, we may open to listen to the Radiant Voice guiding us across the bridge.

Mother Theresa said, “Each ravished body I hold unto me is Christ.  That’s all I see, the Beloved in them.”  Cradling the sick and weary with oozing infected sores, the stench of disease and near death encircling them, all was invisible but the Radiance of Christ, the truth of their essence cloaked behind death and disease.

Our own I AM eyes allow us to see the truth, God is all and all is God.

In this video, Dove has done a fabulous job demonstrating the error in self deprecation and belittling oneself.  It is astonishing to witness the difference in the artist’s rendition of his subject when they are describing versus the description of an unbiased observer.

The first sketch drawn by the artist revealed a subject with lower energy, devoid of life and beauty, yet the second sketch completed from the description of an observer displayed joy, life, energy, beauty.

The observer saw the beauty, the unique quality of life, the expression of Divinity and the difference is profound. Open hearts see beauty everywhere.

Interesting that Nietzsche once said, “If I did not love other men because they also are an image of God, I would have no particular reason to love them because they are just horrible.”

Our egoic eyes see horrible instead of BEING, ISNESS, THE CHRIST.  Once we lean away from our origin, the Radiant Heart, the spiral takes us into fear.  Faith comes from KNOWING, we lean in, not out to the world, where we slip into separation and all of it’s kin.

Namaste, the God in me honors and sees the God in you…this is where enduring self love that pours over to our fellowman originates, develops, and glorifies.

Think of an earth where we all practiced this honorable and loving exercise. Shall we?

Seeing the holiness that you are,




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