Love is Pure Divine Silence


What you are in the moment is what you are.

Yesterday does not exist and if it does not exist then it has no power over you!

Yesterday only exists in your mind because you are holding onto an illusion.

What’s this illusion? It is the feelings…the emotions, guilt’s and fears that were labeled and attached in the moment of the experience that are woven into the patterns of your energetic signature.

But, it is only a pattern and any pattern can be adjusted and changed to suit the creator and since you are the creator all you need to do to change your life is…

Change your pattern! The programming that no longer serves you…the outdated programming that is distorting your new world of Love needs to go.

If you want to operate on the most advanced awareness programming system available with all new updates…if you want the newest, quickest, fastest, most fun software to run on your computer (your heart/mind connection) …then you must upgrade the software! (The software is your programmed thoughts).

Get rid of the programming that leaves you with guilt’s, judgment’s and detrimental attitudes. They have served their purpose and are no longer needed in your evolution. Their cycle is over.


You can only “do” what your level of consciousness allows you to do (your present programming). How can you possibly BE anything but what you are in awareness? They are one and the same thing…you cannot separate them. Awareness is birthed from experience. You are a bundle of experiences…you are awareness. This awareness is simply the “growth” level of the soul and makes decisions from that awareness/growth level. You cannot blame the action nor can you blame the actor. They are simply a programmed response. By adding guilt to the equation you have created karma for yourself. The guilt is the karma.

Where does guilt/fear stem from?

Fear is nothing more than a lack of Love just as darkness is nothing more than a lack of Light. Lack of Love for whom? You. 

You need not do anything to the darkness to remove it (how often do you focus on the darkness in a room to get rid of the darkness? Your attention immediately turns to “flipping’ the switch and turning on the Light. Your focus is on Light…you turn on the Light to transform the darkness.

It works the same way with fear. You cannot remove fear…it is not real. It is part of the illusion and when you focus on the fear to remove it you create more fear by the energy that you’ve put into it. When we focus on Love, fear is transformed/vanishes in our reality by turning on the Light of Love just as a dark room is transformed by turning on the Light.

You realize when you turn on the Light of Love that Love was guiding you through your experiences all along…as you needed them to burn off the dross of what is not real to bring you to full realization of the Love that you are…what is real. Without experiencing the agony of what is not real…how could you experience the Bliss of what is real? How would you know?

Obviously that is what the great Master Jesus meant when he proclaimed “forgive them Father for they know not what they do”. He was in full awareness that mankind could only operate at the level of their awareness therefore to attach guilt to anything is working against the great Law of Love and the cause of all our ills.

So, where does karma come in then? Karma is created because we blasphemy ourselves and attack ourselves for our thoughts and actions not realizing that we can only operate from the knowledge/awareness that we presently are. We judge ourselves which in turn creates guilt which in turn vibrates with fear and in the end karma.

When you attach the emotion of guilt to an experience for whatever reason, this frequency is then woven into the programming and therefore keeps appearing in your moment whenever you have a similar experience as guilt because it has become a perception of yours. The only way to change this from appearing as “guilt” and infecting your world is to change your perception of guilt to Love.

If you were embraced and totally in the moment right now… there would be no yesterday to worry about.

Karma only makes an entrance when you are focused on where it lives…in the past.

Accepting the moment without trying to change the moment moves you into the vibration of Love and along with this powerful acceptance of responsibility for the moment…(no matter what it seems to your logic).. comes the power to change the moment into anything you want!!

“There is NO YESTERDAY, yesterday only lives in your guilt’s and labels. Remove your guilt’s and labels and yesterday vanishes into thin air…all you have left is NOW.”

There is only the moment…so if you are happy and in Love with love…in Love with the Universe in the moment then everything that comes your way will be grand and beautiful. How could it BE otherwise? Your eyes will not “see” anything else because your alignment…your frequency is that of Love. Therefore karma becomes a “mute” term when you’ve reached the stage of total and complete mind and heart alignment with Love.

You cannot know karma without first knowing guilt and fear. They are all one and the same thing!

As long as you accept guilt and fear in your life karma will be your result.

Karma only exists for those who “see” something that needs to be changed. Everything is always perfect in the moment when we have “eyes that see and ears that hear”.

It is personal perceptions about life…about the precious, unique and crystal moment where perfection is found that gets distorted and creates distortion in thoughts and feelings (which in effect are your world). What titles and labels are you giving things if you are not operating from Love the only ONE TRUE THING?

If each moment is continually embraced by the fullness of Love where does karma come in? Those operating from Love only see Love. Those operating from guilt see fear and therefore experience karma.

We’ve all had moments when we’ve misplaced important items and someone will say to us “ walk back through your mind…all the steps you’ve taken since the last time you saw this item” to arrive at point A…where the treasure is.

That’s how you reverse engineer your life. You must remove all the imperfect layers (the guilt’s and fear’s) that have settled onto your energy signature until you arrive at only ONE THING, point A; the vibration of Love. That is the Singularity.

It is the silence before the storm, the peace before chaos.

There is only ONE THING that we all share…that is identical in all of us…SILENCE. What is silence but a lack of opinions, labels and titles. It is full acceptance of what is.

Silence is the fulcrum, the center, the crystal within all of us and the only thing that all creation shares alike. Everything else in our worlds is a creation of our personal labels and titles and a layer that must be removed from our perception if we are to see clearly again.

When we once embrace this fact that we are the crystal, the fulcrum, the center and source of creation, we have aligned with the power of Love and the illusion of karma vanishes.

For Love loves all things equally and when you have arrived at this point within your heart/mind consciousness you have arrived at Zero Point…where no one thing exists…rather ALL THINGS EXIST AT ONCE.


This magic carpet ride continues to take us deeper into Truth.magic carpet ride2

The closer you get to Truth the simpler things are.  Hang on 😉

“Love is Pure Divine Silence”…

In love with Love


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