Meditation and Your Mind




Meditation quiets my mind when I am stressed…


* I am able to counteract the stresses of life by relying on meditation. When I take the time to refocus my mind, I am better able to deal with situations.

* At sunrise, I take a few moments to center my thoughts. Clearing my mind in the morning helps me to approach the day with a peaceful outlook. It is easier to stay calm at work when I start the day with a tranquil mindset.

* When projects at work start to get overwhelming, I take some time to walk. Walking quietly outdoors gives me a chance to relax and regroup.

* I concentrate on my breathing when walking. It takes my mind and spirit back to a neutral place. Doing that allows me to let go of the feelings that threaten to upset my state of contentment.

* Before bed each night, I spend several moments lifting the day’s burdens. It is easier to sleep restfully when my mind is clear of the day’s activities.

* Scented candles and serene sounds help me to unwind. I meditate in a setting that gives me a sense of freedom and peace.

* Today, I make time to re-center my soul and mind. My days are spent more effectively when I am free of mental burdens. I achieve quietness when I take the time to meditate my stress away.

 Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What creative techniques can I employ to squeeze in some quiet time each day?

2. Which other practices can help me release stress?

3. How can I achieve more positive results from meditation?