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“A great idea is valueless unless accompanied by physical action. God gives the idea; man works it out upon the physical plane.”

In that one little quote is the secret to the Secret…

It also holds the solution to why most people experience frustration and defeat and never see any success from the Law of Attraction as taught.


Milestone-Mapping-MasteryIt is why we support and promote Stephanie Mulac’s divinely inspired Milestone Mapping Mastery as the solution to correctly using the Laws of Attraction.

Not often does an educational program offer enough illumination to warrant attention. Most everything out there…is just a repeat of a repeat of a washed out repeat. Nothing new to absorb or put into ~ACTION.~

Until Milestone Mapping Mastery. In Stephanie’s own words “Let the Universe take the WHEEL.”

No longer will you have to wade through goal setting and attempting to lay out the perfect plan for the Universe to follow. A plan that accomplishes one thing…narrowing the pathway that allows ALL POTENTIAL to reach you. You have just placed limitations on your vision.

You, yourself, have been your own worst enemy by limiting the Universe on how to, when to, who to, etc.  accomplish your dreams.

When you narrow the path of receiving, you won’t recognize the signals/action steps that lead directly to the manifestation of your dreams and visions when they come your way. You miss the boat when it comes in because of your own self inflicted blindness.

That is not your purpose. Your purpose (mankind’s grandest and highest purpose) is to connect with your Desires as they come through…honor them by taking the action steps required to manifest them on this plane of existence. That’s it.

There is a LAW – the Law of Attraction – that controls the manifestation of our dreams, ideas and wishes. This Law does not work unless used to completion.  That’s where most people fail.

They work the LAW all the way up to the ~action step~…but, they completely miss the action step because they don’t ‘see’ it.

They don’t ‘see’ it because they have blinded themselves to anything outside their own preconceived idea of how it was to manifest.

There are two main points in Milestone Mapping that will take you beyond any method of manifesting you have tried so far, through ignorance of these principles.

  • Go directly to Source: The first principle Stephanie teaches is how to bypass the non-working goal setting method and go directly to Source. And this is why her inspired program works. No longer will you miss what the Universe is trying to bring you because you will develop “eyes that see” and “ears that hear” and you will recognize the second principle that is required…

  • ACTION Steps: Stephanie’s method so clearly connects you to Source that when the All Important ACTION STEPS come your way…you immediately recognize them, take action and move one step closer to manifesting your dreams.

It is the marriage of the two that manifests the third…the creation:

Spiritual: Connecting with Source…your inspired dreams, visions, ideas…Stephanie teaches you how to keep them pure and unadulterated by your own limitations and borders. The very things that have kept your dreams at bay.

Physical: Taking ~ACTION~ on the Physical Plane. You cannot take action unless you first recognize the action steps that are knocking at your door. Milestone Mapping is so inspired, clever, and simple to follow and execute that you clearly ‘see’ the action steps that move you one step closer to  manifesting that dream of yours and you take those ACTION steps that complete the LAW.

Make no mistake…you cannot manifest anything on the physical plane that does not have an action step attached to it. Everything you see in existence was first a dream or thought in someone’s mind…the inspired mind of God…however…

without the all important ~action step~ that dream or vision would have remained in the realm of thought. In order to manifest on the physical plane you must play by the rules of the physical plane…you must take ACTION. It is the movement that creates the energy that fills the vision/pattern that you have laid out. You have been created for this purpose. To connect with inspired desire and to manifest it by taking the action steps…one at a time as they come…until you wake one day and just like magic you are living your dream.

It is LAW.

Learn to use the Great LAW of Manifestation correctly and  completely by applying the simple…yet profound principles laid out in Milestone Mapping Mastery.

Experience the success you’ve longed for as you ditch the old worn out useless ways for the evolved, inspired Truth of manifestation as taught in this powerful program.

So simple, yet so Profound.

You have our personal guarantee that if you follow Stephanie’s methods you will experience successful and JOY filled manifestations. And the most amazing thing about all this is it is so simple even a child could learn it.

2012 – the Aquarian Age – is all about Illumination of the mind of man. Milestone Mapping Mastery is divinely inspired…of that I am sure.

With Enthusiasm, Gratitude and so much Love,





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