On The Heights

On The Heights

WHEN we transcend the world of things
and begin to live on the borderland of
the splendor and immensity of the cosmic world,
we discover that the vision of the soul was true.
Those lofty realms that we have dreamed of so
often and so long are dreams no more; we find
those realms to be real, the prophetic visions of
our sublime moments are fulfilled, and our joy is
great beyond measure.
The soul no longer dwells in the limitations of
personal form, but is awakened to the glory and
magnificence of Its own divine existence.

The mind is illumined by the light of the
great eternal sun, and the body becomes
the consecrated temple of the spirit. The
ills of life take flight, the imperfect passes
away, and we find ourselves in a new
heaven and a new earth.
Beautiful beyond description is the new life
we have now begun to live; every moment
is an eternity of bliss, and to live — simply
to live — that is sufficient. We can ask for
nothing more; we have received everything
that the heart can wish for; we are in that
higher world where every prayer is
answered, where every desire is granted,
where every need is abundantly supplied;
are ON THE HEIGHTS, where God is closer
than breathing, nearer than hands and

It is the world beautiful, the world into
which the Christ ascended when his face
did shine as the sun and his garment
became white as the light.
“And where I am there ye shall be also.”
The gates are ajar; we may enter today
and dwell therein while still in personal
form. It is the sublime world of the life
eternal, and when we enter that life, it is
then we begin to live.
To enter this beautiful world is to find the
joy everlasting, the peace that passeth
understanding, the harmony that is
endless symphonies divine; and as the soul
is touched by these symphonies of heaven,
we mount upon the wings of the spirit and
soar to empyrian heights.

The veil of mystery is taken away, we meet
Him face to face; and the great secret is
revealed. “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard,
neither hath it entered into the heart of man
what God has prepared for them that love
Him;” but now we are ON THE HEIGHTS, far
beyond the life of mere man, and we have
seen what eternity has in store. The supreme
significance of life is revealed, and when we
think that this is life — our own eternal life –
our hearts are filled with unbounded
Henceforth we have something to live for;
existence itself has become an endless
inspiration; everything is animated with a
great divine purpose; nothing is vain; all is
beautiful and all is good.

We have entered into the realization of the
great truth that “God’s in his heaven,
all’s right with the world,” and again our
hearts are filled with unbounded
The world into which we have ascended is
God’s own world; it is the real world, the
true world, the world of the spirit, where
all things are created in the likeness of
God. Therefore, in that world, all is right
and all is well. It is the world of spiritual
existence, where the eye is too pure to see
anything but that which is good, where
the mind is too luminous to know
anything but that which is truth, where
the body is too wholesome to feel
anything but that which is health and

soul man