Recognizing Judgement 7

We’ve all heard the saying… “judge not, lest ye be judged.”

But, how many of us really pay attention to the implications of what those words are expressing?

In reality, we never judge others. We are always judging ourselves. That is why we recognize the so called “infraction” in others. It is something we are presently judging ourselves on. If we were not judging ourselves first we would not recognize it as an infraction by others, and we would feel no need to judge.

When we truly understand who we are…when we fully grasp the Truth that we are Divine Beings…God Beings we could never judge ourselves, our actions nor anything in our existence…for you would be judging and questioning Omniscient Power Itself.

See and experience yourselves as the God Being that you are…your Higher Power in action, if you will. Embrace your life and activities as expressions of this Higher Power within rather than resisting what comes into your lives.

Trust, align and express.

“Go with the flow,” “let go and let God…” etc. etc. We’ve heard these words…without clarity and understanding for so long in our lives. Embrace them now with new understanding of your Universal Divine Heritage and exercise true Faith and Trust in this Universal Power.

Why do we not trust this power? Because we don’t recognize this Power within so how could we ever recognize it without?

All the conditions in our lives are there for spiritual growth. They are perfect in all their ways when perceived through spiritual knowing eyes. Eyes that see only God/Higher Power in all things…and nothing else.

In reality…there is NOTHING ELSE. ONLY GOD. There is nothing but God substance no matter what title you chose to label it.

Do you resist or embrace your every moment? When some seeming trial comes into your life…are you “seeing” with physical eyes when you should be “seeing” with inner eyes it’s reality?

You can be sure that it would not be there if you did not need this experience for soul growth. Your physical growth will be the by product of this internal growth…and the physical…following the law of opposites…

will produce a new spiritual being…a higher evolved spiritual being. 

The perfection of the soul produces the perfect physical man. And the circle closeth.

Use the magic words of praise, love and gratitude for everything that flows into your life. Everything.

For, the wellspring of life is God substance. And, everything that is is made of this substance and is Holy and Divine.

See only Divine and that is what is produced in your life. See less than Divine and you continue to bring lessons into your life that will lead eventually to this mindset.

You must develop/recognize the mind of Christ. This is what your heart yearns for and why you were created.

If have any special ways that you train your mind that you can share with us we would love to hear them. We are here not only to share but to learn and are always open to Universal voice.  😉

Have a wonderfully magical day! And, stay tuned because next blog post I’ll be outlining and reviewing a powerful new product that has recently been created that teaches you the new way of realizing your dreams and passions.

This evolved tool will keep you in the moment…where all Power exists and awaits your recognition and use. This is Divinely Inspired and very, very powerful.

Stay tuned!



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