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service-to-selfThe forest, like the concept of humanity, is an abstraction. There is no forest, there are only individual trees. There is no humanity, there are only individual human beings. 

If enough people seek their individual enlightenment, and understand how they each contribute their individual portion of unconsciousness to the world’s woes, then a great paradox can happen.

If there are enough people who share this insight-if they turn their intelligence away from the forest, as it were, and train their full love, awareness, and understanding toward becoming individually healthy trees, then the whole forest called “humanity” will be saved. (by John Hogue, from his book: Messiahs, The Visions and Prophecies for The Second Coming)

Assisting others to heal – whether it be physical, mental or emotional – is a divine desire.  Although we may not be consciously aware yet, inwardly we feel that connection because it is an actual spark, a flame that lives within us,  our shared Oneness with Source. We feel this connection even though we cannot outwardly see it. You can’t remove it because it is what makes you YOU. You simply don’t exist without it and the fact that you do exist is confirmation that it exists!

Helping to cure outer effects…is like fixing the wall after you’ve had a water leak. The wall may look pretty temporarily…but if the leak, the source of the problem is not fixed, the ill effects will soon show up again.

The same principles apply to our lives. We have been intent on fixing the outer ‘effects’…the conditions that our 5 lower senses can perceive. But, where did these conditions begin? They did not begin in the outer…the outer is simply a reflection of the inner.  So, in order to ‘fix’ anything in the outer…we must first fix the ‘inner’. The outer will automatically reflect the new inner and viola’ the world is changed.

Can an apple be an apple without first the seed that grows from within?

Are you ready to embrace the New Age of Self? Are you ready to be a Beacon of Light that shines upon others and awakens and stirs their LIGHT of KNOWLEDGE within?

Everything else is but transitory action that soon disappears.

Self is your connection with others. It is the Glorious Divine seed of Truth Incarnate that grows and expands as LOVE is fed into it. It resides in the Divine and Glorious NOW.

You must LOVE and HEAL YOURSELF first. This is Divine order. It must start with the flame of understanding and clarity within you.

One of the first things they tell you on an airline flight… should pressure drop in the cabin for any reason and the oxygen masks drop from the ceiling…is to put your own mask on before you help anyone else. In other words…HELP yourself FIRST. What good are you to others if you can’t breathe?

These same Principles are prevalent throughout life, because Principles are based on Law and Law is set in motion with creation. It is the structure of creation.

You must entertain the highest vibration of thought energy…LOVE of Self.  Self contains ALL that is…for everything that is has Self as a central generating point of LIGHT within.

When you truly LOVE yourself because of ALL that you are…then and only then can you heal the world with the expanded LIGHT of your BEing.

We are LIGHT of TRUTH INCARNATE.  As we embrace more and more LIGHT…as it streams into our welcoming, open clean vessels…we radiate out more LIGHT. We are the conduits of LIGHT…the generators of the Divine Will of Source which manifests as LIGHT.

It is LIGHT that heals ALL is by growing your LIGHT that true service…Divine service is achieved and all things are healed in this LIGHT.

It is that ‘fire’ that resides within your heart that grows and expands with each Truth you embrace and live.

The beautiful acts of kindness and love that are spread through out the world are wonderful gifts. But, where do these actions begin? They begin in your heart dear one. It is because you have developed a certain degree of LIGHT within that you feel the urge to help without.

Would it not make sense then to grow this LIGHT within into a BEACON of LIGHT rather than a night light of SERVICE?

Let’s address the cause of people’s ills and misfortunes; their veiled over light and limited consciousness…rather than the effects, the physical, emotional or mental manifestations.  The cause is the amount of LIGHT generated or better stated, it is the lack of Light that is the cause of all ills in the world.

The effects in the world are simply the result of people’s limited thinking and they will continue to come back into manifestation…no matter how many times we remove them...until we heal our minds. We can only do that with LIGHT of UNDERSTANDING.

Create something permanent and Eternal by surrendering yourself and your personal needs, wants and desires and go after the true gift of Service. The only gift that can truly change a world…that is the gift of LIGHT.

This is the HIGHER WAY to serve. This HIGHWAY of LIGHT is creating the Golden Age.

SERVICE TO SELF. The Greatest Glory you can give your Creator (whatever name you choose to call) and the highest SERVICE to ALL.

The only thing that can truly be of permanent service in this ever changing Eternal Dance of Creation is SELF LOVE. It generates LIGHT as it expands. Remember, Light heals!

You have been given a Gift…the Present. It is where you find SELF. It has always been nearer than your own breath…you just couldn’t see it with your limited understanding. You must resonate with this LIGHT in order to BE this LIGHT. It is Law.

In the end, to save the world we must save ourselves.

It is in service to Self that you truly serve ALL. 

In wonder and awe…

With so much love…


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3 thoughts on “Service to SELF

  • Joshua Tilghman


    Love the illustration about the oxygen masks in the plane, and it explains reality so well. We are often taught to value others above and beyond our selves. But this creates an unhealthy misunderstanding that can cause us to neglect each other. As you said, SELF is about our connection with others. If we keep the self healed, others will be affected by our light and healed as well.

    I truly believe that if more people focused on healing themselves the world would automatically be a much better place. This is why religious organizations have done little in the grand scheme of things. They are focused on trying to help others by bringing them into their message, but often, they don’t realize that they are sometimes more broken than those outside of their religious beliefs. It all starts with the SELF, and ends with everybody else.

    Thanks for the post.
    Joshua Tilghman recently posted…The Pillars of Jachin and Boaz, Kundalini, and the ShekinahMy Profile