3 Simple Steps to Peace that Passeth All Understanding 3

Discover Peace. “Peace that passeth all understanding”  

Peace that prevails…even when all outside appearances…everything that our senses pick up seem disturbing to us.

Such was the mission for me this morning as I set out to do my daily communion with the sun. (Sun-gazing is a topic you must study first before you engage) You see, there is this little yapping dog that lives next door…(a vacant lot between us)…and sometimes for reasons I cannot figure out…he chooses to yap at a consistent flow and beat early in the morning. Thanks goodness for me this doesn’t happen every morning.

One of the things I so enjoy about my mornings is the peacefulness they bring to my soul along with the newness and fullness of opportunity that await.

This morning I grabbed my water and headed outside with anticipation of a quiet communion with the sun. Of course the first thing my senses pick up is …you guessed it…that yapping dog. The quiet solitude that I was hoping for was not there and in it’s place was a the piercing repetitive disturbing sound of a dog barking.

Or was it disturbing? Was it disturbing only because I made it so by viewing it that way?

We know the dog yapping has no power to disturb anyone’s Peace…except that they let it. It seems I was allowing it to disturb my Peace. My first reaction of course was that it was a nuisance and I wondered how could I get it to shut up.

Then I decided to test some of the very LAWS I have been inspired to write about in these blog posts.

I recognized my personal perspective developed from my personal experiences about life…a view that was/is totally limited. It was my will that the dog stop barking…but was it Unity’s Will? What was the solution?

How do I stay within the flow of God’s Will as in “go with the flow” and “let go and let God” and still feel the Peace I was after?

3 Steps to Peace that Passeth All Understanding

  • Surrender to God’s Will

  • Change of Perception/how things are viewed from your mind…how you perceive things

  • Attitude Adjustment: Adopting the Attitude of Gratitude in all things

Surrender: I surrendered to God’s Will and embraced the moment and all that it contained...including the yapping dog…realizing that if it was in my life then it was something my Soul brought to me to give me the opportunity to see the Pearl of Great Price within. I filled myself with Gratitude.

Perception adjustment: I also perceived the yapping in a different manner. No longer did I look at it as a nuisance (when I was looking at it that way…I was expanding that and bringing more of it into my life)… I preferred then to hear this yapping as a song from the little yapper to the Universe itself. These yapping noises were really praises to Source/God.

What an attitude adjustment!! I was in complete Gratitude… and I had found Peace within…the Peace beyond understanding…where LOVE abides. I asked the Universe and I asked that little yapper…if there was any way they could put off this moment of yapping…if this yapping did not have to be performed exactly now at this time of the morning…if they would be so generous as to do it at another time if it has no real emergency behind it (in other words, the dog was not barking because someone was trying to break in).

This way I could commune in silence…both inwardly and outwardly with Universal Mind.

The yapping stopped immediately. I listened…nothing. A few minutes later a minor yap…and then nothing. It was though the dog gave me that last yap to prove that it was still there and that it did indeed listen to what I asked and was happy to participate in the JOY of the Will of  God.

As I sit here writing this, the little yapper is in complete silence.  

There truly are laws that govern the way things operate within our Universe…within ourselves. It is all energy and we must operate within the laws that control these energetic structures (not so much control as it is the foundations and structure themselves). When we do operate…with LOVE and KNOWLEDGE within these LAWS.. magic seems to happen.

That’s what it seems to the unknowing and the unawakened mind. But the awakened mind knows that it was just the correct use of Lawnothing magical at all.

Next time you come up against a seeming obstacle, rather than resist it…what I could have done by getting angry at the dog… embrace it.

Look for the beauty in it. Understand that you must share this moment with all of creation…that it does not belong to you alone. You must look beyond personal will and embrace Divine Will.

When you do this… the seeming Magic will begin to manifest in your life…for you are now “going with the flow”, and “letting go and letting God”… and you know Peace to exist in your mind as an attitude of the mind…and no where else. If you want Peace in your life…you must embrace Peace in your mind.

How do you embrace Peace in your Mind? By silencing your own personal thoughts and embracing the Will of God.

Your mind is what creates Peace in your life…not the other way around.  Peace flows naturally through your life when you do not put up barriers or resistance with your own ideas about life.

You resonate with Divine Will and as such create you own heaven on earth…your own magical experiences.Each moment is an opportunity for JOY…embrace it!

For those that know JOY in all moments shall also know “the Peace that passeth all understanding”…

~~Flowing along in peaceful moments…~~  la~la~la~la~la~la

Coming soon…a blog post on the Divine Art of Sun-Gazing. Why I choose to do it and the benefits I receive 😉 Stay tuned 😉 Here is another video installment for those of you following Walter Russell’s…”The Secret of Light”

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3 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps to Peace that Passeth All Understanding

  • Albert

    Isn’t this what we all want – peace? If we changed a number of little things each day (things like you mention) it would help significantly. Since we didn’t create ourselves it makes sense to listen to the revelation of the Creator. It is surprising how many of the things you mention we have the ability to change for the better, before it is too late. Relevant, interesting topic. Thanks and keep spreading the message.
    Albert recently posted…What do they have against the Jews?My Profile

    • Kathy Dobson Post author

      HI Albert,
      Yes, we must choose the lives we want and attain them with action steps. It has been said that we all do what is important to us and the other stuff we make excuses for. If all of us really knew the promises and glory God has given us, all would board the ‘peace train.”
      Keep shining,
      Kathy Dobson recently posted…The Prophecy of the End of DeathMy Profile

      • Kathy Dobson Post author

        Hi Albert…Love hearing your voice! Another voice of Truth and Love to expand LOVE!
        We have lots of great things in store for this year so please come back often!
        There are some download gifts on our most recent post on Love…check it out and definitely download the gifts!
        Kathy Dobson recently posted…YOU ARE the Vibration of LOVEMy Profile