The Art of Listening as Portal to Divine Consciousness 2


Listening is an art which shapeshifts and transforms.  To listen beyond words, to listen with the heart to the soul is a lesson in risk taking and discipline. 

If the body and soul contain the answers to our life’s riddles, then how do we create the silence that would give rise to hear the Inner Voice?

How do we claim our authenticity, our core, in a culture that glorifies image, external energy, materialism, and status quo?  We must develop self-awareness by delving into the unknown parts of ourselves, our inner world.

Do you have a practice or use time every day to provide fertile soil for the true seeds of listening to take root? Developing empathic listening skills by learning to listen to the inner voice, and another is a process, skill and necessary daily habit.

Growing the muscle of congruence, (saying what you feel, harmony in thought and word) bends the bars of control guiding oneself beyond the mask to the vulnerable self.

Consciously living the common thread of humanness: understanding all are doing the best possible with the current awareness they possess, feeling the freedom of letting go of judgment and attempted control of our life’s experience, opening up to our full humanity and heart centered living, assists the emergence of authenticity.

This spiritual practice: observing the self-conscious nature of the mind; it’s clinging onto pleasure and avoidance of pain, it’s control rather than acceptance, it’s reactive nature versus respons-ible response, it’s proclivity towards fear instead of love, empowers self discovery. 

Slowly but surely, weaving insight into the less conscious parts of ourselves, awakens the intuition and frees the creative life force.

It is an ever unfolding of one’s self, the process of becoming.  It is the willingness to enter the unknown, risk touching and holding our emotions, ab721e7f0793e2c089c805cae5209e14whether pained or ecstatic to learn the message being presented.

This discipline burns the veils of ignorance, the habit of identifying ourselves with less than, with fear; the immediate wall of defense is no longer needed.

When we shed a light on the foreign, unneeded masks, the monsters of the dark, the head trash, our energy is freed to focus on the river of life, the essence of life, the gift we are, our life’s purpose.

“At the center of your being you know the answer; you know who you are and what you want.”  Mindful instead of mind full determines whether our energy expands our higher good or keeps us in the rut of the vicious cycle of judgment: blame, shame, and guilt.

Mind taking it’s rightful place in service to the heart ushers a new and foreign frontier, it is not familiar because our thoughts have long been estranged from our original state of joy and love focused on anxiety, (fear of the future), anger, slights, judgment, the world of negativity…

Fully holding and feeling emotions, (energy in motion) asking what lessons they have, and holding the discomfort versus running from it, is a beeline into gleaning the messages before us. 

With the human proclivity to avoid pain and suffering at all costs, this process is an about face to quelling our hurt, fear, pain, survival self with the rampant addictions we may choose.

Neuro-Science’s clarion call is informing us that the attention and focus we give to any emotion, belief pattern, fear, joy, gratitude, humility, carves ridges in our brain which need to be fed.

Therefore, whatever and wherever our patterned thoughts, followed by emotions and vibrations stream,  a systemic need is created that seeks to be fed by the same.

All of us know this is how habit is created, the adage if we keep doing what we have always done we will get what we have always gotten.

When the outer voice is subdued, the silence gives passageway to depth and opens the core.  I stand as I am, armor and mask removed, vulnerable, the real me.

“When I present myself as I am, when I come forth non-defensively, without armor, just me – when I can accept the fact that I have many deficiencies and faults, make many mistakes, and am often ignorant where I should be knowledgeable, often prejudiced when I should be open-minded, often have feelings which are not justified by the circumstances – then I can be more real.”  

This realness occurs when we are not listening through the auditory system alone, but engaging the ears of the soul.  Soulful listening is a skill learned through patience and discipline, it is a quieting of the outer and inner noise, an emptying of head trash.

Accepting ourselves, every cell and sinew allows us to listen to confusion if it arises, listen to anger, hurt, blame…sit in it, give it a dance, give it a voice apart from yourself…it is not you.

 Listening openly to self allows us to listen to others, one of the most potent healing and loving tools.

Absolute listening is a mirrored reflection, authentic communication, if developed and evolved, would heal the crisis and problems of the world.

Confirming another by feeding back their message to them, ensures they have been heard and their words, opinion, thoughts, and feelings respected though they may be different from yours.

The time is for unity of souls and this is the first step in that enriching endeavor.  As always, we can only do for others what we have done for ourselves.


Self-awareness is essential for growth and change.  It must be a lifestyle, a daily practice which unfolds our natural state of joy and our connection to all things.

The art of listening is the portal to recognizing our purpose in life.  It allows us to interpret life’s moment by moment messages. It enables the divine kernel within to blossom because we empower spirit with our attention, by listening, by silence, by communion.

As in our outer world, we must ask for help and listen to receive. The same is for our spiritual walk, we must ask for help and guidance from those who have gone before us and accomplished mastery, the Christed, the overcomers.


When you listen to music, a beloved, something of pleasure, a part of your brain called the nucleus accumbens activates. This triggers the release of the ‘pleasure chemical’ dopamine, living in a group of neurons in your brain called the Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA).

Go for the dopamine, for your listening pleasure get to know yourself and then be yourself, your authentic self.  Your life will enfold onward and upward in love and beauty.

To your listening pleasure,


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