The Cosmic Clock and Ascension 2

The winter solstice of December 21st, 2012 to the Spring Equinox in March of 2013 is the predicted time of the Great Shift.

This Great Shift is a shift in consciousness and this consciousness is measured in dimensions or frequencies.

Imagine the Milky Way Galaxy revolving around the Universe as a cosmic clock that consists of numerous interconnected cycles of time. There are twelve major cycles divided into twelve minor cycles.

Our planet rotating around our sun is remarkably similar to how electrons rotate around protons and neutrons. The Universe seems to repeat itself over and over on more grand scales.

When our Galaxy completes orbiting all these precessional cycles…approximately 16 billion years…it is the completion of a Grand Cycle.

This is exactly what is occurring now and why the Mayan Calendar ends on the winter Solstice of 2012…indicating a new world…a new vibrational, dimensional world of thought…higher thought.

Our own “Precession of the Equinoxes” which is a minor cycle within this grand cycle is also ending after 26,000 years and will coincide with the end of the Grand Cycle of 16 billion years!

All these cycles are lining up as tumblers on a lock do before it springs open. They are converging back to zero point…or zero time to reboot or reset for the next Grand Cycle. Our Galaxy progressively evolves and spirals from one level in the Universe to the next on this eternal  journey of evolution.

These levels are measured as “Dimensions” or frequencies and you can easily visualize them if you imagine the primary colors in the visible light spectrum.

Each primary color has their own signature which includes density, frequency and wavelengh. The frequency increases as you move up the light spectrum…getting faster and faster.

In order for any planet or humans to shift into the next dimensional frequency they must first be compatible by resonating with this new area of the Universe or spectrum.

As solar systems journey on their orbits throughout the Universe, they are bombarded by different sources of cosmic energy…all responsible for the speeding up of the planets frequencies. This process is referred to as Planetary Ascension. Our own earth has been ascending for decades and is currently located within the 3rd dimension as represented by the color yellow of the visible light spectrum. The world of duality and cause and effect.

When our solar system completes this grand cycle, it will eclipse the upper dimensional planes (imagine the spiral) This will catapult Earth as well as our whole solar system into the 4th dimension, represented by green in the light spectra (a vibrational shift). Most refer to this as the Planetary Shift.

It is not surprising that the call word of the day is “Go Green”…little do most know of the deeper, truer meaning of this slogan.

Ascension is the process of evolving and progressing…moving up from one consciousness/thought/mind dimensional level to the next and it is expected that our own Planetary Shift will take place between September of 2012 and the winter solstice on December 21, 2012 all they way through the Spring Equinox in March of 2012. Makes sense when you think about it.

We are going through a consciousness shift right now that will peak most likely near the predicted date of December 21, 2012 (remember this is a shift in consciousness not a prediction of destruction!)

March is the Spring Equinox and Equinox means:  ” equal ” days and nights. This is a time of balancing in our life. Spring Equinox represents fertility and creation. It would then be the beginning of our New Conscious Existence in the 4th dimension of higher consciousness and thought…Unity consciousness or Oneness.

It will be automatic as all those ready will shift and doomsday predictions can finally be put to rest.

The planetary Shift is a time of celebration as we complete an old timeline and start a new one! The Golden Age of Light, The New Earth are both names that have been assigned to this time of evolutionary shift. Earth and our solar system are ascending…with or without us.

As the vibratory nature of our solar system is changing rapidly, the density within the nucleus of every atom has slowly but surely amplified to a higher frequency. The Grand Cycle will spiral Earth and all it’s neighbors upward into a new dimension/level of the spiral…irregardless of humanity’s readiness to ascend.

Every soul will ascend at the time of the great shift…it’s only a matter of your energy signature or frequency that determines your destination.

It’s all about vibration and there is no fooling or begging for entrance. You either vibrate with the new energy…in which case you are invited to the party…or you don’t…in which case you depart and later reincarnate on a 3rd dimensional planet…a planet matching your energy frequency shared by others who resonate with you. You will attend an ascension  party at a later date, when you’ve exhausted your human experience and are ready for ascension or the dimensional shift when it occurs again.

Can this be the infamous “separation of the wheat from the chaff? It would seem likely.

As a spiritual being having human experiences, you were given the task of advancing your wisdom and knowledge by evolving through  different dimensions…all different realities where you learn and experience and you’ve incarnated on this Earth plane for eons. It’s all about expanding your consciousness and gaining more and more wisdom and it takes the experiences of many dimensions to do this.

By experiencing 3rd dimensional reality as a human, you have emotionally explored the highs and lows of being human and you are now ready to ascend/evolve to greater experiences within eternity and in order to do this you must change the structure of your emotions, mind and body…to a higher vibrational being in order to live in this New World.

It is important to understand that each dimension has forces that govern it. 3rd dimensional reality is ruled by cause and effect, whereas 4th dimensional reality will share Unity consciousness…a consciousness of caring and cooperation as each person becomes aware of their divine connection to all things and service becomes the word of the day.

Our 5th dimensional experience will be ruled by the “Law of One”…Unity Consciousness, service to others…and the Law of Love.

Spiritual ascension is a “conscious decision to evolve as a spiritual being and progress to the next dimension to experience a new reality that operates under a different spiritual law to continue your spiritual growth.” Worlds without end Amen.

This is your Divine mission…to experience all dimensions within the Universe, advancing your consciousness. It’s as simple as that!

What a Grand Journey we are on…a never ending journey of experience, exploration, advancement…ever evolving the human spirit to grander heights of wonder, wisdom and imagination. Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens, Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous…Homo Luminous to….

We are citizens of our communities, our cities, countries and planets,…but we are also Galactic citizens and it’s high time we became acquainted with the operations and laws of this higher vibrating community…our Galactic family of planets, solar systems, suns, galaxies, Universes and beyond.

In order to live and exist in the 4th/5th dimension, the Age of Manifestation where thought is amplified we must vibrate with the frequency of LOVE…the highest and purest frequency on the spectrum.

Carbon to Crystal Bodies/Light Bodies, DNA, Chakras, Light Spectrum, Pleiades, Alcyone, Cycles of time, Immortality and the Photon Belt will all be addressed in future posts. Stay tuned 😉

Celebrating Ascension…yours, mine and our beloved Gaia (planet Earth)

See you in the 5th dimension!



Interesting scientific video explaining our evolving carbon bodies…



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