The Power of The Word

                   Using The Power of The Word to Train the Mind

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Bringing back the value to our words …. I would like to share, I believe is one of the most powerful methods of training the mind.

It is a discipline that once you start to apply it to your life, It will lead to very rapid, easily perceivable, and ongoing improvements to the daily functioning of your consciousness.

Within a few weeks of practicing this technique most people find, a greater clarity of perception and also their decision making and their self knowledge is significantly improved.

I have also noticed using this method, it leads to a greater discipline and control over our thoughts and ability to focus on what we are really trying to achieve.

If you have ever read any of the ancient spiritual works, you will be aware of the concept of the word. The word is normally connected with a creation myth.

For example, in the first book of the bible Genesis, we read “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God.”

This concept is reiterated in Hermetic text, it is normally associated with bringing life to matter. This word is not just a creative force or a magical formula.

It is actually a reference to higher consciousness.

For the ancients the ability to think using words is what gave humans the higher ability above mind. An animal can reproduce sense impressions they have had before, they can picture things they have seen before.

They can imagine sensations or noises. So they can create in their minds eye memories or new scenarios. They can run through what might happen if they do different things in order to make decisions.

Humans, because they have words have a higher sense of consciousness they can use higher reasoning and think about logic and about abstract concepts that they have not yet experienced.

And indeed to the ancient practitioners, speaking was thinking out aloud. So we are going to use this very close connection to thought and speech. In order to train our mind.

To do this we are going to make sure unlike many people our words reflect who we are and we a clear idea of what we are trying to communicate. When we speak we do as effectively as possible.

In order to start this process it is important to re-add a sense of value to our words.

We live in a society where our words are throw away, where they are recorded, they are played all the time and are not seen as something that has a significant and real effect. But in reality this is not true.

By understanding this fact you will then be able re-introduce a sense of the true value in what you say and write and for yourself.

I would like you to use your imagination. Imagine that tomorrow morning you live in a world where words are magical. Where everything you say has ripples and effects.

Now, understanding this you make sure that you will say the only words that you would like to hear and that you embody what you want to see happen.

By using this mental scenario, you may find it easier to choose your words very carefully as you stop devaluing the currency.

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Now you start to make sure that your words are used sparingly, but in a very effective way, they now have far more power behind them, and people really listen when you speak.

..Indeed you may find the more you practice this, the more real it is in your life. Some may gain inspiration from imagining that their words echo through out eternity, once said it can never be erased or taken back.

They may find it motivational to remember that they are not here forever, so they want to make sure that they say really represents who they want to be.

Which ever visualisation, or form of imagination allows you to bring the value back into your words. The image used should be the one that connects with you emotionally.

And indeed if anything I have said stands out then it may be worth exploring that before you start this process. So that you have a real connection of this idea to the value of your words.

When you start this process it is important to start the effectiveness of each and every communication you have. This does not just include what you say but also what you type.

What you send in emails or texts and in your social media. Really take a few moments before you speak to form what you are trying to do with these words.

This can be achieved by making sure that you take two breaths before you speak or responding to anyone or before saying anything of significance.

Also remembering everything that you say should be of value. Then after communication you can see what the outcome was, you can skillfully learn from that.

My advice is to aim to make each and every word you say brings the best outcomes in the situation for everything and everyone. If you do this you will find yourself increasingly skillful and effective in your communication.

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This is a very hard technique and your mistakes will be many. But your mistakes will be of extreme value because if you make an error with words then you know you have made an error with your mind.

Often things are spoken incorrectly when you have mixed intentions, or your emotions are not under control. Or when you have drifted off and are not really paying attention to what you are doing.

By attempting to improve your eloquence, your empathy, your descriptive ability and your timing. ..

By learning when it is more important when not to say something then it is to say something. You will start to master your mind in a way that most people never do.

I hope that his provides an extremely valuable technique that in this life time for those who wish to achieve their highest potential.

M.J. Fauks


“….make every action a reflection of your inner nature…”