We are Both Creator and Creation 12

the circle closeth“We are who we’ve been dreaming of.”

And the circle closeth.

We are the missing piece. We are the creators the ones we’ve been searching for for so long.

All this time we were closer than under our own noses!

We are the creators and the creation...the yin and the yang. Creation cannot exist without a Creator and the Creator has no purpose/existence without its Creation! You can’t have one without the other and guess what folks?

We are both.

As creators, we have the power to create love or fear…the two primary emotions. These manifest in our creations. Often times we disguise fear with a fancier name like discontentment…but whatever label you give it…it’s parent is fear in the same way you can call Love by many names…each one expressing an attribute such as joy and happiness, however the parent emotion is Love.

As creators, expressing Divine Will, we have been given the gift of imagination. The ability to ‘image-in’ to our subconsciousness what we desire to experience in the outer world around us, in our conscious reality.

Great tool to have but until we become self aware…consciously connected to Divine Intelligence, imagination, the most powerful tool ever given to mankind remains a toy…not taken seriously but used as a distraction, an escape from the chaos of our present world.

When we tire of the distractions and disturbances in our outer worlds, when the glitter and glam loses its appeal as vehicles for lasting happiness, when we tire of the domineering actions of others, we begin to reflect on power and attaining power.

We begin to understand that in order to be powerful we must first understand where our power comes from.

Our focus and attention shifts from the outside world of distractions to the inside world of  self.

We begin our earnest journey inward to become a self aware being.

Self awareness has its privileges. It reveals the laws of creation and connects us with imagination. What formally seemed like magic and hidden knowledge reserved for the few, is suddenly understood as divine law in action.  The knowledge of correct use of Imagination opens the doors to manifesting and that is why only those who have attained a certain level of light activation (literally…those who resonate) have the “eyes and ears to understand” these laws and principles.

Self awareness is empowering. It allows you to be authentically in love with yourself. In fact, it demands it. Until you can authentically love yourself for who you are…you can never move into what you want to be.

And the circle closeth.

Not only are we the ones experiencing the world around us…we are the ones creating the world around us and with full knowledge of these higher teachings, we can now go forth to consciously create a world of LOVE…containing all the attributes of LOVE…peace, joy, happiness, contentment, service, compassion, excitement, empathy and every good feeling vibration you can imagine.

Camelot will once again reign supreme in the minds of men as their perceptions change to LOVE and the Golden Age so often spoken about begins its expression in the physical world around us.

We are the ones that create/change the physical world, using the powers of our imagination, the focus of our minds and the love of our hearts.

We are both the creator and the creation.  

It is law. You can’t have one without the other.

And the circle closeth.

Loving Life…loving you…

kathy heart




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12 thoughts on “We are Both Creator and Creation

  • Terry

    Thank you, Karen, for a great thought-provoking post. Though I’ve been receiving emails, off and on, from you and Suzen for ages, I just now decided to follow your blog; I’ve read three others along with this one and I have to say I am enthralled, my spirit is all abuzz, as I digest the principles and concepts you share. In fact, I think I’m going to have to send an email your way with a few questions that come up for me. Not sure whether or not you have the time or inclination to indulge me but I have to at least attempt it.

    I also want to thank you for your generously making available to us the Genevieve Behrend Trilogy. I can imagine that such an act of love and caring required a significant investment of time and energy. I plan to read them as soon as humanly possible (though I expect “devouring” would be a more accurate description of what I’ll be doing with the books’ content).

    Finding your blog has been a great blessing this evening. I am so grateful.

    • Kathy Dobson Post author

      Hi Terry,
      First an apology for my absence. I am back full time now it would be an honor for me to get your email.
      I always have time for those whose hearts are searching…as my has been for so long.
      Please come back often and also send that email you spoke about.

      We are creating a product at the moment but I promise to ignite this blog again in amazing ways. Stay tuned 😉
      You are loved!
      Kathy Dobson recently posted…Compassion with Service to othersMy Profile

  • Terry

    My earlier comment is supposed to be directed to “Kathy”, not “Karen”. My sincere apologies; not quite sure how I made that error but, there you have it.

    • Kathy Post author

      Hi Terry,

      We are so thrilled that you are enjoying the posts and stirs deep within you. It is Kathy’s and my mission to share Divine Truth with our sisters and brothers. Yes, Kathy worked with vigor and delight, taking several days to make The Genevieve Behrend Trilogy available, thanks for acknowledging her giving spirit, yet our hearts and spirits soar in receiving emails like yours because this is our work.

      Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, dialogue and sharing is what it is all about!
      We are grateful for you Terry and welcome you aboard our odyssey of Spirit!

      in Divine service,
      Kathy recently posted…Compassion with Service to othersMy Profile