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wisdom-of-treesWisdom of the Trees

When I was a little girl, my father planted three trees and each of his children chose one for there own to care for.  We were to water and care for our tree.  I remember rubbing it’s trunk and talking to it every day.

It would dance and sway in the breeze and I would marvel over it’s beauty.  We would chase our puppy zigzagging around the trees and sit under it’s shade to have picnics.  As it grew strong we climbed it’s strong branches.

As the seasons came and went, I learned about the cycle of life, the leaves bursting in the flame of color and then slowly drying up and falling to the ground. The leaves became a fluffy pillow to jump into.  We had a warm, loving, appreciation of the wonder of trees.  It was quite the show to observe their yearly change and new wardrobes.

I did not realize it, but this early training set up a heart relationship with these antennae to the heavens.  I learned in school that trees breathe in our carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen for us to breathe.

I understood that trees drink in the waters of the earth, pull it up through their glorious trunks, out to their branches twigs and leaves to give forth the moisture to the clouds which in return supply us with life saving water.  The circle of life within the tree kingdom is profound.

A medium size tree can hold 2.380 gallons of rainfall a year and stop runoff into our waterways.  The roots pull in the water from the soil and prevent erosion.

We lose an area the size of Greece as rain forests disappear from our earth yearly.  Forests blanket over 30% of our planet.  This is tragic as the absence of trees will effect our planet in more ways than it is possible to comprehend.

Trees also provide us with material such as wood, wool, medicine, fuel, latex and a plethora of benefits.

When I became a parent I lived in a house with a huge tree whose branches were so big, it was if they were trees growing from the trunk.  We put a roped swing on one of the huge branches and the glide was so long that it was better than a ride at an amusement park.

The children’s voices rang with joy (as did mine) as their stomachs tickled gliding through the air.  We thanked that great big oak for providing such magnificent fun!

As the family grew, we moved to a new neighborhood whose developer planted  houses around the grand trees instead of cutting down trees to make room for the house.  I did not realize it then, but I was mesmerized driving through the streets of this international community.

People from all over the world gather to live here because of the obvious respect and awareness of the Spirit living within the trees.

This mini forest seems different.  The trees know that they are honored.  A tree cannot be cut down unless approved by the association.  It seems most residents choose to live in this hardwood, evergreen canopy because of the love and dignity offered to these power structures.

One day, as I was walking through the redwood forest in Muir Woods, near Mt. Tamalpais, with a friend, we were talking about how we had read about couples, twin souls whose relationships were based on spiritual awareness.  Couples would join like-minded pairs to form groups whose mission were the same in assisting the necessary task of spreading light and purposeful life.

Just as we had finished verbally creating the vision, we found ourselves directly in front of a grove of redwoods that included the exact number of trees in a circle we had just referenced.  Each tree started out as one and then soon split into two equal trunks that soared skyward.

I cannot tell you how dumbfounded we were.  There it was in 3D panoramic vision, a reflection of the exact premise we had just spoken about in exact detail.

The redwoods are symbols of immortality.  The Coast Redwoods are ancient and their early forms date back to the dinosaurs.  These venerable trees grow over 375 feet and are twenty centuries or more.

Novelist John Steinbeck and poet Edwin Markum paid tribute in their writings, “…let us be reverent as we stand in the hush of these leafy sanctuaries… these forms of immortality that stand in these transitory times…they are wondrous and imposing, these ambassadors from another time.

Sacred writings and myths present trees as holders of ancient knowledge and givers of eternal life.  Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree for enlightenment.  The are givers without any expectation of receiving and have served mother nature and all the species of the planet since it’s existence.

Take time to get to know our great friends.   Stop long enough to hear, see, touch and feel the wisdom of the trees, we are their thankless compadres.  These loving creatures give and give with no need of getting.

They have witnessed the evolution of our souls and that of mother earth.  Like wise elders, they hold the key to wisdom and grace that enriches and nourishes the soul and our lives.

Trees teach the oneness of life.  Their nascence comes from a seed germinating into a root, shoot, branches, buds, leaves, flowers, fruit, etc. each tree may have thousands of separate branch systems with different genetic encoding, which creates mutations and changes, just as an ancestral family tree.

It is no accident that it is defined as a family tree…  The trees’ circle of life mirror the ancestral line of humans.  An individual tree is a whole forest, out of many one, E pluribus unum.

“Trees are earth’s effort to speak to the listening heavens.”

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