You Are Either In Your Thoughts or You Are Not…Where are YOU? 5

As hard as it may be to grasp…anything that originates in your mind…is a product of your mind…a product of all your conditioning and experiences throughout lifetimes of sensual stimulation. It is your response…to the files and files…and more files…with more details about those files…all formulating the pictured response or better stated...reaction to any situation or stimulus from without.

Your personal view and perspective of life…separate from Unity.

These are programmed reactions based on data that was received by your left brain hemisphere and filed away…all based on previous data that has been filed and categorized. Reactions with no conscious thought behind them.

The opposite of “Action”…

Action is what happens when you live NOW. Think about it…

Action can only happen NOW. Have you ever taken an action step while dwelling in the past or future in your mind? Impossible.

The future and the past are made up in your mind as you continue to dwell in opposites, duality and separation…labeling things (good and bad, black and white, etc.) by your programmed response to situations. An unconscious participant buffeted by whatever reaction occurs in any given situation.

Past and future have no existence at all when you remove all thoughts and dwell in the substance of NOW where ACTION dictates production.

If you are sitting around “thinking” trying to create the future you are wasting the present.

If you are sitting around dwelling in your experiences of the past…you are wasting the present.

Mankind is at the apex of evolving to a higher dimensional being…using the body…with a mind…that was created here on earth. For earth is the home to manifested bodies…this is where they are created using our minds as generators of light/All Potential.

“using our minds as generators of light” Wow…

that’s powerful. Can you imagine the manifested world as more and more generators are expressing the Divine?

Manifesting on the physical plane the Divine! Heaven on earth. And who knows the glories that await us beyond that…worlds without end.

Divine ones…shut down the chatter in your minds that only serves to continue your separation from Source and intuition. Shut down the voice that is grasping to keep you in ignorance for it’s very life depends on your loyalty to it and ignorance to Source.

You cannot be in both places in your mind. You cannot be thinking…and be in alignment with Source.

Only Source can think/create…

you are the receptor of that information by becoming a strong, open, resonating circuit. By becoming ONE with the mind of God. The vibration of POWER. Your intuition kicks in.

If you are in your thoughts…you cannot receive clearly. You are a muddled mess of confused thoughts…each one fighting for existence and attention.

Anything created using the limited, divided, separate thoughts of personal mind will itself always be limited and divided.

You are serving self…the small self that will keep you enslaved to it’s continuing…never satisfied demands….manifesting through your “mind chatter” and confusing your world.

Tune your vibration to the pure vibration of God by embracing Silence. By giving your mind to God as a gift…the gift he has been quietly and patiently waiting for for eons of lifetimes.

Live in silence and you get back intuitive thoughts…direct from Divine source…in alignment with Divine design

Your mind does not belong to you…it belongs to God and is his alone to use…(you have been misusing it all these years by your belief in this separate self) and the sooner you come into alignment with that idea…the quicker you will find inner Peace.

Only in Silence will you connect with Source. Only in Silence will you connect with all living things.

For Silence is the ONLY thing we all share. Our connection to one another…to intuition…to power and creativeness.

Step out of silence and you step into the chatter of your personal, individual minds. Your separate self.

Silence is your connection. Chatter is your disconnection.

You can only connect to one circuit. Which circuit are you connected to? 

Your own thoughts or the mind of God?

You are either in your thoughts…or you are not.

Where are you?



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