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71689_572444416103099_810609342_nI so enjoy etymology with a twist…the study of words, yet with an alternative interpretation.

An example is a word ending in “tion”  Action, motion, motivation, intuition, formation, creation, valuation, activation – words that have a sense of action, movement, progress, activation….doing words.

Two of my favorite “tion” words are Intuition and Imagination.  These two faculties are the tools to immortality.  Intuition connects us to the divine and the imagination images in divinity.

Intuition is our soul’s language and communication center.  It is the mystical connection to the divine mind.  The rational logical component is the reasonable mind, the intellect, it belongs to the physical.

It is important to understand the difference between physical and mystical law.  Mystical law is not  pressed or overwhelmed in time, space, distance, location or any other restriction of physical law.

Intuition is a refined, higher, enlightened, unencumbered operation of the soul.  To be human is to possess intuition and the ability to intuit.  It is the “gut” feeling we have, the knowing, mother’s are a wonderful model for intuition, they just know. The sixth sense lifts us out of the lower five.

Mother’s do not allow the rational intellect to cloud their knowing about their children.  They have that sixth sense, the direct umbilical cord to the Divine; similar to the fetus gestating in the womb, there is a flow, natural, inherent, organic sustenance to the growth and well-being of the developing human.

The only interference some mother’s may experience is denial from fear if there is anything wrong with their child.  Albeit in an emergency, mother’s have been known to lift cars, in a moment the intuition guides and instructs the safety of their child.

Intuition is akin to a muscle, it must be developed, used, sought after.  Discipline is a key factor, for we must unlearn that which we have learned to acquire the sensitivity to hear the inner response of our souls.

601150_147409925413845_863490552_nDogmatism, opinions, belief patterns, illusions, denials, errors, delusions must be quieted, looked at, reconsidered, and left behind, for they do not serve and actually oppose the development of our Intuition.

The polar opposite of illusion is intuition.  These two “tion” words reflect the act of being deluded versus a direct line to light and truth.

Glamour of worldly ways, earthly desires, illusions of happiness and wholeness and the weakness of the mind in giving whim to fancy and wants impede and block the still inner voice of intuition.

The proclivity of the mind is hyperbole, an exaggeration and sensationalism of facts, events, and occurrences which attracts fear spiraling into the imprisonment of the soul.  The time comes when the drama and claim of energy ultimately exhausts the soul beyond acceptance creating a groundbreaking window of opportunity for transformation, growth and spiritual development.

It is now when the individual is prepared to understand the origination of the mind is to serve the soul instead of oppressing it.

The attraction and focus on glamour and Maya, “The goal of enlightenment is to understand this—more precisely, to experience this: to see that the distinction between the self and the Universe is a false-dichotomy. The distinction between consciousness and physical matter, between mind and body (refer body mind, is the result of an unenlightened perspective.”  We only experience a reflection of our environment based on our perspective, the lens we see through.

Once our absorption of self, the roller coaster ride of desires, the erratic spin of emotions, and the grip of  enchantment of the illusions of the world are stepped out of as in taking off a cloak; the glimmer of intuition is felt.  Intuition may now have her way with us, a determined understanding releases brain consciousness from the soul.


Knowing who and what you are is 101 in personal authentic development.  As long was we do not have a full and complete awareness of who we are, why we are, what we are… we will be defined by the illusions of chaos.


The only way home is through the still silent voice of which silence is the gateway.534742_508887222462903_815780352_n

“Something of the quality and the revelatory power of the intuition is known by all disciples; it constitutes at times (from its very rarity) a major “spiritual excitement”. It produces effects and stimulation; it indicates future receptivity to dimly sensed truths, and is allied — if you could but realize it — with the entire phenomena of prevision.

A registration of some aspect of intuitive understanding is an event of major importance in the life of the disciple who is beginning to tread the Path to the Hierarchy. it provides testimony, which he can recognize, of the existence of knowledge, wisdom and siginficances, of which the intelligentsia of humanity are not yet aware; it guarantees to him the unfolding possibility of his own nature, a realization of his divine connections, and the possibility of his ultimate highest spiritual attainment.”

This excitement is far beyond the excitement of the glamor and shadows of worldly desires, accomplishments, and the ensnared ego.  Humanity’s collective intuition is surrounded by limitless energy in this new era.  It is the zeitgist of transformation and leadings from the soul.

The train is no longer coming, the ship is no longer sailing, they are in the station and harbor awaiting us to alight, so let’s do so with a big resounding splash!  Shall we alight the light?

To all the potential and possibilities of today, after all, impossible says, “Im possible”

My next post will focus on Imagination.

May the light of your heart guide you,

In joy and excitement,


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