Consciousness by Deepak Chopra


Aol with Jared Leto has launched an online series, “Beyond the Horizon” highlighting “in-depth stories that inspire and fascinate viewers across the globe.”

“Beyond the Horizon” has been an incredible journey,” says Leto. “I have long been intrigued by the intersection of these fields, and being able to merge multiple interests of mine has been a fascinating process.”

“Beyond the Horizon” begins October 6th and airs on Tuesdays for 10 weeks. The series will air for 10 weeks on AOL’s Build platform.

The first series interviews Deepak Chopra, who speaks about God, consciousness, planets in our galaxy, what we are made of, and scenarios both positive and negative of our possible future.

We hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing your opinions about Jared Leto’s first guest’s interview.

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