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10612682_10152385428151637_6820366982105822424_nThere is a myth about happy, bliss, joy.

The myth is that we need to seek it, find it, do it.

The irony is…we are it.

We simply need to open to it, awaken to it. Observe a baby, look

into their eyes, you will understand…

It is only when we reside in the present, where love is, will our mind honor the heart, opening the door to intuition.

Intuition is an exquisite, fragile master…she will not open the door to chaos, pain, suffering, anxiety, head trash.

She demands a gentle, devoted spirit, she flows and expects that of her seeker.

I found this wonderful poem written by Kiran Shaikh whose beauty acts on my soul and I hope it does the same for you.

Our souls are made of the light of love, the pure essence of the highest energy existing.  Our souls are radiant ecstasy.

Go in, commune, be in communion with this bliss.

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Enjoy Kiran’s poem:

The Myth Of Bliss:

Happiness is not a Myth or a Destination.

Happiness is a Choice.

And the Best thing is; It is YOUR Choice.
It’s as simple as that.

No one in this world can make you feel bad or sad;
Without your permission.


a464fcd8f71bc20f1a361db1ab8bf823No matter how difficult it gets;
Or what “Reality” you are faced with.

Remember one important fact.

You don’t have to Find Happiness;
You are Bliss.

You don’t have to wait for Love to come to you.

You are” Love” itself.

 Our Souls are the Essence of Bliss, Serenity, Peace,


Our Souls are made of the Light of Love.

‘Living’ people have a Sparkle in their eyes;

That propagates one of the clearest signs;

Of ‘Living consciousness’ you can find.

It’s expressed most clearly when people are happy and laugh.

They just “Radiate” Life. 

You don’t have to DO Happy.

You Have to BE happy.

You don’t have to DO Peace.

laughing_jesus_1 copyYou Just have to Be Peaceful.

So just let your self Be, who you really Are.

We are Human “Be-ings” not Human “Do-ings” after all.

So it’s okay to stop wondering or caring what the rest of the World thinks;

Or wants you to Do. 

10888826_827859213927857_1779665753566985986_nIt’s Your Life; It’s Your Choice.

So Follow your Bliss, Your intuition, Your Heart’s Desires.

And don’t Just Live; Become Aware; Become Alive.

Become Love.                
Just Become You.

~ Kiran


From our hearts to yours,                                                                         

 Suzen and KathyRedHeart2  

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