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surrender  421908_420341448054694_1385919756_nDivine Intelligence, what is it? Can we know it? Is it tangible and accessible to us?

The paradox: Though we live, move and have our being in Divine Intelligence, we may live our entire lives not consciously knowing it!

We learn through the light and dark sides of life, the human species travels the path of least resistance…meaning, we seek comfort and avoid pain.

It is a basic human principle.

The subconscious has been programmed negatively. Through the eons we have operated from the fight or flight response, always looking for protection and safety.

Though Divine Intelligence (DI) operates every cell, organ, muscle, tissue in our body, we may not recognize it. Scientist share a plethora of information about how life exists sans Divine Power.

Divine Intelligence orchestrates our lives for soul growth.

Though every event and person we meet is set up and orchestrated by DI we may wonder why such events or people are in our lives when the consequences are painful.

Even though many of us may not know Divine Intelligence first hand, it is the Source of our growth, development…everything.

Many of us know DI in the surge of positive energy in prayer/meditation/contemplation/inspiration, a sunset/sunrise, through family, friends, beloveds, the joy of a child, celebrated work, a creation, or a warm smile from a passer by.

The mystery of Divine Intelligence also places people in our lives to mirror our inner worlds. People who can trigger our issues, problems, denials, hidden agendas are gifts from DI. Until we get this, we live in an uninformed matrix. They are as significant as our beloveds.

On the other hand, we have soul mates, everywhere, who mirror both the light, beauty and dark within us. These blessed comrades are able to do so without judgment or accusation. The more we discover our soul, the more we attract those who reflect our growing seed of Divinity.

The Physical Body is the Mediator

The concurrent feelings and emotions we feel from events, people, animals, dreams, work, play; every aspect of life are messengers. These emotions (energy in motion) are reflected in our bodies . The body holds all the answers.

It is the troubleshooter between our hidden shadow selves deep in the subconscious and our conscious mind. The body takes all the hits from our hidden unacknowledged selves.

Not only does the body house our soul, it is the mediator between our inner and outer worlds. A clarion call is sent out moment by moment to lead us onward and upward, whether through darkness or light, both are equally valuable.

Our physical bodies respond in like to the emotions that are triggered.

Hormones are the control center of our physical and mental wellbeing. The feelings we feel are chemical reactions in the body. The feel good hormones are:

  • Serotonin is the happy hormone regulating mood, preventing depression. Exercise, eating, particular carbohydrates, and sunlight secrete this hormone.
  • Endorphins – reduce anxiety, sensitivity to pain, exercise is a benefit.
  • Dopamine – creates mental alertness, concentration, memory, attention. Bad moods are a sign of a lack of dopamine. Protein is a benefit.
  • Phenylethamine is the brain love hormone and is contained in cocoa beans. Why we love chocolate!
  • Ghrelin reduces stress and is released when we are hungry. Good idea to not eat too much as this hormone relaxes.
  • Oxytocin – the love drug hormone, the touch hormone, is stimulated in birth, sex, breast feeding. The “in love” hormone develops attachment to the other.

The three major feel bad hormones are adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine secreted by the adrenal glands when we feel under attack.

…And the #1 alleviator to release all the beneficial hormones is our outlook on life, our perceptions, how we see the occurrences in our lives. The human is constantly scanning to remain in the state of homeostasis.

If we know, if we get it, if we are awakened, our responses to stimuli increasingly is met with wisdom, no need for the roller coaster ride.

Our Belief System and Perceptions dictate our well being.

Besides meditation our belief system, perceptions, opinion, awareness predicts our state of balance and peace.

If the trigger is joy we feel a lift, an easiness in breathing, a warm glow in the heart, a rush of endorphins, a flush of satisfaction; the feel good hormones are activated.

It we feel attacked, fearful, intimidated, embarrassed, we set off cortisol . Our system tightens and shuts down for escape, the sympathetic nervous system prepares us for flight to safety, or if no where to go fight.

So…if we do not move into a higher awareness, it is simple to understand the need for all the addictions and defense mechanisms to soothe ourselves in a protective response.

The problem is we identify light with good and darkness with bad.

Here is the polarity of life, DI works through light and dark, just as a human learns through the opposites. We do not know hot unless we know cold. Life’s lessons stalk us until we learn the lesson.

Yet, if we awaken to Divine Intelligence, if we acknowledge all of the above, that DI operates everything in our lives, physically, mentally, spiritually, every crack and cranny, we begin to self actualize and become the fullest potential we were meant to be.

The English poet William Blake wrote:

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand                                                                                                                               And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,                                                                                                                                   Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand                                                                                                                        And Eternity in an hour.”

We must realize our world is what we choose to see. The more we open our eyes to truth, the more we allow the Life Force to bless and lift our life. As we step through the cobwebs of control and self righteousness, wisdom is our guide beckoning us onward through intuition and inspiration.

As we see through the illusion of control, recognize our emotions as teacher, the power of intention, self deception and denial, the mirrors of life, when we can honestly look at ourselves and not play the victim, martyr, child, etc. we lighten up, or move into in-light-in-me, (enlightenment).

Our minds are open to the understanding it’s task is to serve the heart, the seat of Divine Intelligence, it must listen to the Inner Voice – how DI communicates to us, we recognize and acknowledge there is nothing but the Divine and it’s Intelligence is us.

Joseph Sieber Benner, a Lutheran minister, wrote the book, “The Impersonal Life” in 1914. He penned his work Anonymous because he did not believe the people of his parish or time would understand the profound nature of his writings.

Elvis Presley discovered the Impersonal Life which he carried everywhere he went.

The words spoke so simply and directly to him he gave volumes of the book away. Elvis had all that life could offer materially, yet knew the words of The Impersonal Life were his real treasure, where he found the Light he was so hungry for.

Sadly, he was unable to make the leap and needed drugs to bridge the gap of his material and spiritual worlds. One of the addictions so many of us employ to relieve the pain of not being WHOLE.

Please enjoy a video of key concepts in The Impersonal Life:


We hear it everywhere, it is the time of awakening, enlightenment, empowerment, our planet is taking a transformational leap into higher consciousness. We are at the junction in time, where if we so choose, may be transformed in the twinkling of an eye. We must let go of yesterday and tomorrow to live in the eternal NOW of grace and heart. We must be doers of the Word and not just hearers.

Blessings to one and all!

To our Impersonal Lives,


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2 thoughts on “Divine Intelligence

  • Wazim Zim

    Hey Susan!! Interesting blog. I shared it on G+. In my experience, pain has been a catalyst for tremendous growth. To clarify, I believe that painful experiences or circumstances provide opportunities for us to choose who we want to be. A basic example is hurting others because we were hurt. So, why in tarnation (yes I said “tarnation”) would someone choose to continue a cycle of pain? I suppose it is a part of our learning experience and our free will as to when we will decide to understand what love is and how to live within that vibration. I was curious as to your thoughts on this…

    • Kathy Dobson

      Hi Wazim, So nice to hear from you! Apologies for a tardy response. As Rumi states, “The wound is the place where the light enters.” Our heart must break open as Andrew Harvey states, ““If you’re really listening, if you’re awake to the poignant beauty of the world, your heart breaks regularly. In fact, your heart is made to break; its purpose is to burst open again and again so that it can hold evermore wonders.”
      I agree with you Wazim and have also grown through pain and had my heart break open as a consequence. The ways of the soul are in stark contrast to the ways of the ego. The soul has no regard for what we like or don’t like, it knows no duality as the world does, there is no good or bad. There is only growth and awakening to our true one nature – Spirit.
      I also questioned why anyone would choose a cycle of pain. My understanding is the soul needs this cycle, because life will continue to serve us the same patterns and habits until we awaken, until enough is enough, until we have learned the lesson before us. Scientists have discovered a cell will not change direction within the body unless it is in pain. Also, think about nature’s lessons: the grinding and grit a pearl goes through to emerge, When diamonds surface from the earth, they are rough and unrefined. It takes hours of cutting and polishing to turn a rough diamond into the beautiful stone we know it as, and the process of refining is difficult and specialized. The phoenix arises after a forest fire, the beautiful lotus grows in mud, muck and dirty conditions. The theme of the “Beauty and the Beast is the same, life is a hard knocks school that refines and develops our hearts and souls as Spirit emerges from within.
      “Hurting others because we are hurt,” tis true Wazim, the cycle continues until we embrace the pain, question it, and look into the glorious lessons attempting to change us through understanding the immense potential hidden within our divine seed. It must break forth as the pearl, lotus, diamond, phoenix after it has been broken open by the pain and chaos of our lives. …And really think about it, do you truly think anyone would hurt another if they had eyes to see and ears to hear the song of love, the only reality there is? No, we hurt and continue the “why in tarnation cycle” because we do not know and slumber beneath the blanket of worldly ignorance. This is not to diminish the beauty in each of our lives which impassions our hearts and souls. We grow through the light and dark, we need both. Does this make sense to you?