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I knew we were in trouble when I saw the captain’s face.  I had been a flight attendant once upon a time and I could feel the buzz amongst the flight crew. The appearance of the captain pulling the carpet up in the aisle of the midsection of the plane was unsettling. His resulting facial expression was further discomforting.

Sure enough, we were diverted from Reagan National to Dulles Airport where the runways were longer; our landing gear would not come down.

Life has a way of jolting faith when conditions change in the blinking of an eye.  We have faith when we board an airplane that we will reach our destination safe and sound.  Though flying is the safest way to travel, a whole new perspective develops if that faith is rattled by a crisis.

Whether it be a diagnosis, loss through divorce, destruction, death, soiled reputation or the myriad of other inflictions life may bring, we may not grasp our belief system or foundation of our faith, what we hold to be true and unwavering until it is shaken or taken.

How many of us take time to ponder what we really believe and have faith in?  The conditions of the world is shaking it’s inhabitants faith in status quo to the core.

People can no longer have faith that they will receive pensions, that weather conditions will not take or damage their homes.  Many are buying generators because their power fails frequently with the heightened chaos of storms and unseen before weather patterns.

Attention is mounting for self-reliance and independence from the “grid.”  What we once took for granted and believed could be counted on is reflecting it’s ephemeral nature.

We will stop here because the intent of this post is not doom or gloom, actually the opposite, faith, light, and hope.  As repeatedly mentioned in many articles Kathy and I have written, the opposites, polarity is the quintessential teacher.  Experiential learning is the ultimate; there is a profound understanding of light when darkness is experienced.

The circumstances occurring on our planet presently are a clarion call to question individual faith or lack there of.  Uncompromising economic, weather, health, lifestyle conditions get our attention and we realize that where we once placed our trust no longer exists.

The opportunity to develop faith is before us; the Universe is directing unfathomable energy to this endeavor for it is faith that is the catalyst of the manifestation of light, life and love.

Will you await a life event to call your attention to where and what you place your faith in, to fully engage in knowledge of what you truly believe?  Or will you employ the magnificent energy before us in strengthening the foundation of your faith.

“Faith is a bridge that enables us to reach a higher level of ourselves.”  It depends on the degree and level of belief.  Where and what do we place our faith in as we journey towards purpose, happiness, peace and fulfillment?

Let’s examine the scale of your level of trust in life.  What is your relationship with life?  Do you love life and believe life loves you? Do you arise with hope and knowing that you are receiving each day the important lessons needed for spiritual and soul growth, your ultimate destination of joyful living?

Do you believe, be – living that all is well? Or do you fear what is coming, do you wait for the next shoe to drop and fear conditions and events lurking around the corner?

The state of an individual’s faith in life, the degree of light possessed, is directly associated with the development of her/his faith.  Light is engendered and generated by the power of conscious faith.

The unconscious soul is controlled by habit.  She is not master of her life and is not cognizant of material or spiritual energy.  Her world is ruled by habit, status quo, what everyone thinks, physical appearance.

Thought or emotion is subjected to reactions, life is like a ship without a rudder, the whims of the winds toss her from current to current, she is a victim.   Oppressed by outer conditions, she is a mere shell of a woman.

The next level is where most of us dwell, we have an idea of what we want and where we are going, work hard to make it happen and hope that this will result in achievement and success.  Our faith in life at this level is 50-50, we hope against the odds but are not really sure what life will bring us.

The next step in progression is the soul who has touched their spiritual nature and learns through inquiry.  This soul has begun questioning the why and wherefores of life, the awareness of patterns occurring, and is on the boundary of spirit.

Their point of view of life is positive.  They begin reflecting on human potential, taking on self-responsibility and accountability for their actions and reactions.  There is a belief in life, it is good and has a direct correlation with attitude and effort.

This soul’s consciousness has reached a point in it’s evolution in understanding that even if life brings what is not desired, there is rhyme and reason to it in the bigger picture of life.

The next gradation is an awakening to truth, we are the latter I am in, I am that I am.  Just as we lived moved and had our being in our mother’s womb before birth, we live move and have our being in the ocean of spirit.

The individual grasps the laws of the universe.  He witnesses the hand of spirit working through his life to bring about his highest good and thus is positive, loves life and believes life loves him, the undeniable flow is experienced.

Life is earth school, the orientation is inner, and when the seeker slips, it is not for long as the witness to thoughts, behavior, perspective, beliefs, actions, reactions, choices is bold and ubiquitous.

There is a marked determination to discipline and need of transcending material earthly matters and directing our focus inward, where ALL resides.  We slowly cease looking to the outer for support, direction, opinions, understanding, worthiness, or acceptance.

The soul now finds itself journeying in Spirit; their physical form mirrors their inner life, is a guide for the minute to minute condition of attitude and a vehicle to carry their true identity. One discerns that life is Spirit, which begins with self-love.  There has been an awakening that life is to be lived not just for self, yet for service.

Life takes on a new perspective; it is now governed by our Higher Self; our connection to Source.  We understand intuition, inspiration and Silence.  Our energies are transformed to focus on the inner voice and recognition of the inner world.

Faith in life is poignant, profound and directed by the Universe/ God/ Source/ Divinity/Creator/, gratitude is the first order of the day as faith establishes all things happen for a reason; our highest good.

Next is the awakening to the comprehension of the power of faith, “the cosmic power of light is generated by faith …and light is generated and put into action by the power of FAITH, which contains the energy of bringing forth into form.”

Light does not exist without faith.  Light cannot be manifested without the substance of faith, and faith is a real substance.  The Christ Ray, the third ray is “brought forth by the individual’s power to believe or to be and live according to his highest hopes and purest vision.

This divine ray of faith holds within it the keys of absolute knowing.”  At this point our cells are filling with light and we are home, we have reached the point where we have glorified the Christ within and not only may intellectualize that we are One, we live in that Oneness.

The trajectory of the journey of the soul is determined by our efforts, determination and desire.  The human potential is to reach divinity, “be ye therefore perfect as your Father in heaven.”  We are heirs to all that our Creator is.

This heaven is within here and now and simply awaiting our cooperation.  It is the pathway to immortality.  The soul of man is immortal, the righteous man, (right use of the promises and laws of the universe) is immortal.

The path we travel is up to us, there is no excuse, all has been revealed.  Where is your level of faith?  Know that it is lightening; it awaits you to plug in and leave the unplugged.

Obviously our plane landed as I am here today writing, let me tell you though, in our attempt to land twice and shake the landing gear down…the white knuckled, terrified souls that joined me on this flight had their faith jolted to it’s core.  The earth never looked so good…

Once we were on ‘ole terra firma again, it was up to each one of us to glean the terrorizing gift before us, pull the fruits from the lesson, and give thanks for the opportunity to evolve in consciousness and faith.



P.S.  I fluctuated my use of pronouns to include the universal nature of the feminine and masculine.


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One thought on “Faithfully Yours

  • Albert

    These are some of the most important questions one could ask oneself. Good food for thought. Progression is essential and likely what God wants from us. He knows we are not perfect, as he suffered to make up the difference. As someone with a meaning of life blog the inward looking you mention is something significant for progression. Your post is informative and well thought out. Thanks and keep spreading your message.

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