Fill Up My Senses

Happiness is Filling Up Your Senses…


* Happiness is seeing Divinity in all of life and seeing life in all of the Divine. As Rumi says…”You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.

* Happiness is knowing how God comes to us: in the dew on flowers and grass, in the symphony of the birds, in the deep dramatic hues of the sunset, the pools of purple floating in the sky, the smile of a walker by, the pure blessed laughter of a child…

* Happiness is love seeping into all parts of your body so that the physical may share in it’s sweetness since love is drawn into all things. 

* Happiness is love growing deeply and fervently in our soul until it overflows to all sentient being, flowing like a breeze that enfolds their being.

* Happiness is filling up your senses in the process of bridging and integrating your body, mind and spirit.

Self -Reflection Questions:

1. How do I fill up my senses with the simple blessings of life, how am I open and aware
of the many forms of Divinity that surround me in every moment?

2. Do I learn from the wisdom of my body which holds messages every moment for the expansion of my consciousness?

3. Am I in awe of the life force pulsing through my body as I meditate, share love with family members, or accept the blessings from a smile of a passerby? Do I understand the role my body plays in my spiritual journey?