“Nothing Missing”

Happiness is “Nothing Missing” …I am content knowing everything is perfect in the moment…

* The sentence: I’ll be happy when…is no longer in my dialogue because I realize that “when” does not exist except in my mind and that everything real happens “now”…just as my happiness does.

* I realize when I receive, the condition behind: I’ll be happy when…finances, relationships, things, etc., there is always another one right behind it.

* I realize happiness is not a phantom visitor in my life who visits only when I get what I want but is something I embrace and accept in all moments.

* Happiness is as near to me as my beating heart. Happiness is not about “what the world can give me,”…I know it’s about what I give myself.

* Happiness is laughing at myself, through all the joys and pains.

* Happiness is knowing the joys and pains are necessary to take me where my soul wants to go.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.  Do I take the time daily to recognize how wonderful my life really is?

2.  When a condition, event, error presents itself, do I choose another perspective to change the vibration?

3. Am I making it a habit to create happiness daily in my life by counting my blessings with gratitude?


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