Impersonal Consciousness 6

Recent Trip to Sedona/Cathedral Rock Vortex...check the energy that was caught with the camera.

Let go of all your limited views…views and opinions that were formed from your world and experience only.

Realize that these are limited and divided…they are personal to you but not to the person sitting next to you. 

They have their own personal consciousness and views as each and every one of us do.

Those are the thoughts we must “still” – but in order to do that we must recognize these thoughts as soon as our minds allow them to begin their destructive ways .

You must pay attention to your mind and the play of thoughts and exchange of dialogue in your head as they reach for your attention. We’ve been so automatic for so long that not often do we actually take time to peer into our minds. 

And yet, that is the key. The mind is the key to knowing self. Once you get familiar with your mind you will understand how it has controlled you all these years…yes, you who are the true Master allowed the mind who was created as the servant…to be the Master…acting as a tyrant as your personal thoughts each sought attention…being the first to judge you!

Because they are limited in view. Your view. My friends, that view is relative and not absolute. It is changeable and born of separation…not of Union. It is born of your conditioning…created from all your experiences…each one of us having our own definition of any given reality based upon our experiences.

Your mind can only be in one place at a time…you are giving your mind energy to something…why not train yourself to embrace Divine Thought…the Impersonal Consciousness….where you become ONE with all things…and All Power.

You presently dwell in lower vibrations of fear (the worst offender), guilt and judgments which only create separation from self/God/Universe/Higher Power/Source…which in essence then creates separation from others.

You judge yourself, you judge others because you don’t know who you are.

When you have awakened enough to KNOW yourself as Divine and you start living your life as a Divine Being you will no longer embrace separation but you will be Whole in your perceptions of life. This will give you Peace.

You will not question or resist anything in your life because you will see the purpose behind everything. You will KNOW that it is God expressing and learning and growing and evolving through our bodies and our senses into a Higher Being of conscious JOY.

How or why do we ever resist that? In our resistance, we create chaos.

Learn to “let go and let God.” It is so easy and we make it so hard…

QUIT MAKING IT SO HARD.  Truth is no longer cloaked in secrecy but is now an open book for those who have opened their minds.

All you need do is take the energy that you expend in the outside world and put it to work in the Discovery of the workings of your mind. That is where the treasures lay. That is where Nirvana is.

When you have discovered it and embraced it within…it will manifest without…in your world.

You must stop labeling and see and hear with Divine senses/mind. Release your attachment to your limited 5 senses and embrace the Divine Nature which takes you beyond any limited view into Divine ONE Consciousness of All.

Is your mind embracing Impersonal Consciousness or Personal Consciousness?

Do you dance the dance of Freedom, Grace, Joy, Happiness, Eternal Peace and Prosperity…knowing that limitations are only for those that embrace limitations in their mind thoughts?

Do you continue to question and push away all the Goodness that the Universe is trying to bring your way by labeling it as something not attractive in your life.

See/embrace it all as God and when you do you will KNOW the “…Peace that passeth all understanding…”

Are you seeing the whole picture or a limited view?

Allow God to manifest his Glories through you…

become an open, clean vessel for the Light to enter in and your Inner Light to shine out. They will embrace each other in the LIGHT and become ONE Light.

That open clean vessel is your mind. Let go of limitation and embrace the Unity of life…and the Unity of Thought…

the Impersonal Consciousness rather than the personal consciousness.

When you see only God then you will express only God. As long as you continue to live in duality you will continue to label things as Good and Bad…and they will become exactly that to you. Good or bad as you see them and label them in your mind.

Raise your Consciousness to embrace Divine Consciousness…see only God…no matter what is presented to you in the physical world.

Can you be so arrogant as to claim superiority over others thought processes? If they are experiencing something it is because they have brought it into their lives. If they have brought it into their lives it is because they need the experience for soul growth…consciousness growth…to expand and see farther…to evolve.

Quit judging what you can’t understand.

As more and more personal minds/consciousness embrace and manifest Divine Consciousness the world of form will manifest more and more Divine consciousness…worlds without end. Heaven on Earth.

We are evolving into this incredible stage of mind expansion where all limitations of our minds will be in the past and as we all know…the past has no reality…only NOW has reality.

After 26,000 years of evolving we have reached the point where mankind is taking the evolutionary leap into a higher conscious being. A Light Being…expressing only Light. This is huge. It will happen to those that are ready Automically…as they raise/resonate their atomic structure/vibrate their cellular/atomic structure to that of Light.

If limitations live in the past and are no longer REAL to our minds then death too will be erased as a natural by product of having no limitations in our lives. It was never real to begin with…only as we made it so.

You do not have to strive to be Immortal…it is your Divine Heritage.

Do you see the connection?

In Divine Grace, with so much LOVE,



In Honor of Whitney Houston…

A true voice of the Gods. Thank you for living true to yourself…no matter what path it took you down.

You lived your life the only way you knew how…and we bless you on your journey forward in this ever lasting eternal quest to know self.

The voice of an angel…and a gift from the Gods this voice was the instrument for so many inspired words…


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