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This morning I was looking out the window of my living room and noticed a brown spot in my otherwise fairly green lawn. My immediate thoughts were:

“wow, look at that” then I went on to start blaming myself by chiding myself for not watering sooner after the recent fertilization. All types of negative reactions were racing through my mind…causing more reaction in my feeling nature.

And it didn’t feel good. (If it doesn’t feel good…that is your first indicator that something is not right…that you are not in alignment with Universal Flow and Divine Intelligence…the first clue to STOP and study your mind and account for the thoughts you are entertaining. It is your thoughts…and nothing else that is making you “feel bad”)

Today was different for me. Because of my “desire” to know myself, I am at the point where I am becoming very consciously aware of my thoughts and their processes…and results.

This gives me knowledge and awareness…which translates as wisdom.

So rather than allowing my personal mind to entertain thoughts of:

“why didn’t you water sooner? You stupid, lazy person, how could you forget to do that?” stuff like that…

I recognized what was going on with the dialogue in my head! I clearly saw how those thoughts were developed from previous conditioning in my life and how they were forming judgments which in turn made me feel bad about myself.

So, I walked away. Yep…I walked away from that picture window and I embraced All of Life. I embraced it knowing it was God’s will…otherwise it would not have existed.

“I went with the flow”…. I “let go and let God”…

I set aside my personal view of the situation…the negative, judging view that could only see from my limited perspective. When you are in your limited views you cannot see the BIG PICTURE.

I only saw ONE. I saw God and with that I closed my mind off to any personal thoughts that were fighting for attention – that wanted to steal my Peace.

Only God knows why he wanted the grass brown there. After all, he made the decision. I, of myself, do nothing…remember?

(how often in life have you marveled at the so called “silver lining”. The “silver lining” was really God’s purpose all along…you just could not see it with your limited vision.)

Do I trust enough to embrace the decision as perfect or do I choose to create a separate world of my own opinions on the subject – these formulated from my limited, divided thinking?

I know now that it is my awareness and conscious choices that make the difference as to what world I live in. Unity or division. There are no other choices.

Today I consciously chose to embrace God rather than my previous, divided, complicated, confused, judging, angry and controlling voice.

My reward was Peace. For I embraced God and his decision (he learned something from it for his forever journey into Eternity)…

I embraced ONE and only saw ONE. I did not see the brown area as separate from Source but I realized that the brown area is also Source and that Source had made the decision to be brown and who was I to take away whatever growth was hidden in these experiences?

My limited divided thinking saw a brown spot and immediately wanted to label it as “bad.” If I had embraced that thought then that is surely what it would have been in my life….bad.

Only God. See only God. See only Perfection. By embracing Perfection, your minds eye only sees Perfection and Perfection is what is manifested.

This is the knowledge that will explode your boundaries and erase your conditioning and all that will be left is clarity and understanding of Knowing and BEing.

LOVE in its fullness.

“Be still and KNOW that I am God”

Where is this stillness that is spoken of here?

In your mind my friends. You must still you mind and all your conditioned, divided thoughts and processes.

You must bring your vibratory essence in resonance with the Divine resonance. Of which there is only ONE.

LOVE could never be divided.

LOVE is ALL THINGS together in ONE resonance…

and All Things are Perfect as they are.

Good or Bad? They are relative terms and have no existence in the absolute.

They are terms that you have used for eons to define your world. Terms have no reality. They exist only in your head.

The REALITY is there is only ONE…there is only GOD performing. You are simply his instrument.

“…Thou hast proclaimed me Thy perfect instrument for Thy great and glorious work, that Thy Will, which is done in Heaven (Divine Mind), shall also be done on Earth.“ Amen

Embrace and LOVE ALL of it and trust that God knows what he is doing!

This my friends is called Faith…

In service to the ONE…


Inspired Words:

“Realize this mighty truth: that everything is in vibration and, according to the vibration you receive and fix, so will you project.”

See only God

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