From our hearts to yours as 2015 begins.

Be a witness to anything that enters or originates from your being that may be disturbing, upset your physiology, or unsettle your composure.

Glean the message, give thanks, breathe in love, the glue that holds every living thing together.

It is our birthright and we are the ones allowing anything short of it’s vibration to have it’s way with us.

Love is what we are born with, observe babies and little ones.

They live in the moment with joy and abandon.

Watch a baby respond to love, his/her entire being lights up and thrills in it’s resonance.15 - 1

Rumi states we are not to look and search for love, yet we are to uncover, find, discover all the obstacles to love we have accepted and press the delete button.

We were created in love, from, love, within love, because of love, it is not foreign to us.

We are it, belong to it, are possessed by it.

Mahatma Ghandi delcared, : “Where there is love, there is life.”

Life is love, the essence of life is born from love.

Love binds us together, it is similar to the agents we use in cooking to keep all the ingredients as one.

So the next time you find yourself out of sync, simply smile, knowing an illusion has crept in, to test your resolve, as there is no power greater than Love.

And if that smile is far from your face, observe the thought and/or feeling that caused the slip out of joy.

We are taught to resist these thoughts…they pop up from no where when someone or an event mirrors them from deep within the subconscious,

Take a good look at the information presented.

It is probably familiar, the thoughts/feelings/reactions are patterns and habits. You wonder why it continually comes up, oh, geez this pain again!


The first step in taking back your power is recognizing the wound as it arises..

Shine the light of the “aha moment” brightly on the pain and discomfort as you would with your brights or flashlight in darkness.

The diligent effort put forth sets the stage for the next occurrence, as it becomes easier to reverse the vibration each time it is addressed.

There is a chipping away of the old so to speak.

Life/love will continue to present you with an opportunity to refine the ego with E.Evolutionary G.Growth O.Opportunities.

These opportunities arise until they are no longer part of your DNA because you have loved them into revealing their secrets.

“Anything will give up it’s secrets if you love it enough.”


Just as you relax, when what was previously strange in the darkness, is now seen, there need not be fear; so will the strong currents of the distressful thoughts subside because you have stopped the spiral downward.

You see them for what they are.

The next step is no resistance to this feeling, though it is an unwelcome foe/ex foe, we now open the portal to understand the gift in the pain.

I mentioned ex foe, because it will not give up it’s resolve to keep control over you.

Your resolve must be greater. And how do we create a greater resolve that supercedes pain and suffering?

Aligning ourselves with love and light.

Light makes clear the way and love provides courage, grace and perseverance.

We must ask and open ourselves in order to activate the flow.

Yet it seems to be a chinese circus of counter-intuitiveness – why?

Because it is natural to shut down, run away, barricade, do anything possible to not feel the awful pain of not being who we truly are, not being true to ourselves, living life disconnected, floating, disengaged, separate, swimming in the sea of status quo, mediocrity, lifelessness, trying to be who we are not.

So much wasted energy!          a0c874b08421aecc49b9619334cd2d37

The same warning/alert system within the subconscious that protects and saves us from any harm, also is the gatekeeper to our patterns no longer serving our higher good.

Trenches are actually built in the brain every time as a child, we were guided to abandon our authenticity, congruency and asked to abandon our true selves.

Loved ones or adults in our charge may have unknowingly asked us to be like others, compared us, asked us what was wrong with us,  told us not to cry or act a certain way.

Every time we were guided not to be who we were, the trench in our cortex grew deeper and deeper.

As these trenches grow, they want to be fed, possessing a particular vibration, it seeks it’s own and pulls like energies.  This is how patterns and habits are created.

It is painful and uncomfortable when a command outside ourselves issues a declaration to us that what we are is not good enough, not correct, will never result in approval.

So we build walls of protection, we close ourselves in or out.  This is resistance and resistance to anything expands it and creates an unending cycle of pain and suffering.

Nature provides wonderful metaphors: a runaway thought swells and expands as a creek becomes a stream becomes a tributary, flowing into a river, into a bay and becoming a great ocean.

Unbridled, hidden subconscious issues expand and grow the same way, often compromising lives.

What we do not know has power over us…

The unchecked fear expands, grows, swells, carrying along with it anything in it’s path.

This is how we affect anyone in our energy fields.  Everything sends out energy waves through the planet and onward.

There is also a formidable gatekeeper to the subconscious who makes sure these taught opinions of ourselves reside in the nothingness of status quo.

In order to deal with  gatekeeper, the deep trenches, emotional pain, fear, discomfort, the abandonment of our true selves we create defense mechanisms.7S -inward-tenderness

“A defense mechanism is a coping technique that reduces anxiety arising from unacceptable or potentially harmful impulses.

Defense mechanisms, which are unconscious, are not to be confused with conscious coping strategies.”

“The purpose of ego defense mechanisms is to protect the mind/self/ego from anxiety and/or social sanctions and/or to provide a refuge from a situation with which one cannot currently cope.”

It is a system used by the subconscious mind to avoid and escape from  anxiety creating a protective filter from the raging emotional pain of the conscious mind.

The incredible capacity of the subconscious mind to protect the conscious mind is apparent with behaviors and symptoms that not only hurt the person acting out, also, family, community, country, globally, since we are all interconnected.

These internal conflicts are obvious, for example, when  the conscious mind decides to lose weight and is sabotaged by the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind sets up goals, plans, strategies, schedules, to lose the weight.

It may include exercising more, change of dietary and nutrition habits, spiritual techniques like meditation, yoga, breathing, and yet we find ourselves backing out, throwing in the towel due to the conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind.

This occurs when one part of ourselves is aware of another part of ourselves that is being sabotaged by these patterns, habits and defense mechanisms.

These defense mechanisms become our addictions.

Some of you may declare that you are not addicted to anything.  yet we all have our specific actions or non actions developed to block the anxiety and pain.

Think about what you do when a wound is mirrored to you.

Do you call someone to commiserate, to make sure your victim is assured of it’s assault?

Do you bury yourself in work, gossip, drink, eat, watch tv, party, shop, gamble, sex, drugs, hide, sleep, fight, abuse…on and on?

Since life is a mirror of our interior world, our inner sanctum, it offers up a continual gift to see within ourselves what we have lost, what must be healed, all the obstacles to love, happiness, and peace.

The most prevalent faces of these defense systems are:

  1. Rationalizations – We all know this one…excuses, excuses.
  2. Repression -too much to take so we push those emotions down.  Just like secrets, it takes a lot of energy.
  3. Fantasy – traveling into the past, as in a pretend world recreating scenes and events.
  4. Sublimation – taking all the energy of the pain and burying it by using it elsewhere.
  5. Isolation- disassociation from the emotional pain by not identifying with it.
  6. Displacement – we see this all the time, like the angry aggressive driver who takes his angst out on someone else, displaced anger, coming home and dumping on our family or friends, or for that sake any human or animal around.
  7. Projections – the incapability to take responsibility for disliked parts or ourselves so we project that which we cannot own on to others, a literal dumping ground.
  8. Denial – not believing or accepting anything that is overwhelming or brings up repressed memories of hurt.

There are more, these are a several which I am sure you are well acquainted with.

Defense mechanisms are good, they help us live without awareness.

Once we awaken and get it, they are no longer needed.

As Rumi shares:  The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

8c0e4e0fc83c0e5eaa58b5407a03c90bTo all of you who grace these pages, we wish you nothing but love in this New Year of 2015; because there is NOTHING but LOVE.

Love is Life, it is order, it is beauty, it is the essence that keeps and creates all manifestation of form.

For without it, there would be no reason to be here, it would be as if there was no gravity, all that is on this great planet would fall heavily away.

Our hearts are the temple of Love, our heart is the seat of the Divine.

It is the first organ developed in the embryo, it communicates and is the authority of the brain and mind.

Yet, the mind is fooled and thinks it master over the heart and soul.

Let this be our work for this blessed new year, shall we clean the slate, get rid of the old, clean up the cobwebs, get rid of things we don’t need making way for LOVE to rise and sit in it’s original, first, natural seat, guiding us in all we say, do, think or act?

70e3fa3a8fe48bcc86c41425fc021d04We must take action, it is about choice, Love sits and awaits our acceptance.

It is soft, patient, gentle, sweet, thoughtful, tolerant, non-judgmental, kind, open, hopeful, full of faith and wisdom.

Rumi’s quotes provide an easy entry into Love’s vibration, take one to meditate on, allow it to bring up all the Love within that you have closed off from:

“All doubt, despair,and fear become insignificant once the intention of life becomes love.”

The only prerequisite is our opening, receiving, acceptance to the Divine.

“Someone who does not run toward the allure of love walks a road where nothing lives.”

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river of joy.”                                        

“What matter is how quickly you do what your soul directs.”  


LOVE IS A RIVER, JUMP IN.  e64f592de0158f0089ceab16b4eac5ea



“A pure heart open to the light will be taught by the very essence of truth.”

“As you live deeper in the Heart, the mirror gets clearer and cleaner.”  

“Close your eyes, Fall in love, Stay there.”                            

We can do this, light shows us the way and love gives us grace and courage.


From our hearts full of love to yours,

Happy New Year 2015!

Suzen and Kathy RedHeart2

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