Particles, Energy and You 7

The key to understanding yourself and the Universe around you is to start thinking in terms of vibration and particles. 

As a particle that becomes a wave, you vibrate at a certain rate, your thoughts vibrate at a certain rate and your thought processes are all vibrations, each with their own energy signature or resonance.

We are particles of energy from Source (expressing as waves) presently manifesting in the slow density realm of 3D duality consciousness which thinks itself separate from Source.

In Truth, the earth and all her inhabitants are intimately connected to the heavens, all her glorious orbs and bodies of light, have never been separate and will never be separate.

Everything is a spark of Light/Source vibrating at a certain frequency. It is called consciousness. And, the purest and fastest (no blockages) is Cosmic Consciousness…which is nothing more than Divine Intelligence….the Intelligence of All.

You are a spark of Divine Intelligence as all things are. An individualized spark with a unique signature. This signature expresses as consciousness…your personal expression of Divine Consciousness.

The higher the thoughts held in consciousness/mind, the faster and LIGHTER the frequency and the higher the dimension you are able to sustain.

It’s really as simple as that.

Third dimensional reality is dense and vibrates very slow. As we raise our thoughts to embrace higher love based thoughts, our cells and therefore our bodies begin vibrating at a faster rate to attune to this purer, quicker vibration unimpeded by lower, slower, dense, darker thoughts. (these all cause blockages)

The densest vibration is lack of self love. Any type of judgment…especially of ourselves, operates on a very slow, dense wavelength…(it lacks the light of love)… and is a slow dense vibration that will keep you locked into 3D reality, boundaries and duality mindset.

By having a limited view/awareess of the Universe and Cosmic Clock and seasons...we have limited understanding of ourselves and our place in it. We must first recognize who we are as Divine Beings..sparks off the Flame of Life/Intelligence and recognize that all things are sparks off the same Flame of Intelligence…every planet, every sun, every galaxy…every human that you see is your neighboring spark and you are intimately attached by reason of your connection to Source.

The Cosmos has a timing as the earth has her timings and we are absolutely connected to these timings. We must connect the dots to create one grand picture so that we read and understand the cycles that are interconnected and realize their effects on earth and her inhabitants as well the Cosmos. Let me repeat…we are all connected and we all effect…with our vibrations every other thing.

We are effected by these Cosmic cycles and seasons and they do cause change…major change on earth in much the same way as our own earth seasons bring change to us personally. As the completion of several major cycles is predicted to occur near the end of 2012,  these changes become more dramatic and evolutionary in scale.

We are set to arrive at zero-point…the time of rebooting. Rebooting a computer is a total shut-down and reentry of information as the computer comes up again…totally refreshed, I can only wonder what that may mean in terms of our consciousness rebooting.

To better understand ourselves and our place in this Grand Scheme…we must pay attention to and study the cycles of energy that weave this electromagnetic grid that we exist in.

The earth itself rotates and wobbles on it’s axis as it journeys through the 12 signs of the Zodiac, making a complete circle back to it’s point of origin. This is called the Precession of the Equinoxes. This is a 26,000 year cycle that is shown through astronomy and astrology to be coming to a close at this time to begin again/reboot a new 26,000 year cycle.

If our earth revolves around the sun then would it not make sense for the sun to revolve around a higher being in space? And that the galaxy itself revolves around the Universe it is part of? Each graduating to a bigger sequence? Each effecting the other through energy transfer?

We are spiraling up another level of evolution, understanding and knowledge as we complete one full turn of the Precession of the Equinoxes. In other words…our consciousness is expanding to include more of ourselves. In the end, it’s all about consciousness…because that is all there is. Every spark that springs from Source is a compact vortex of consciousness expressing.

Additionally, there is energy coming from near the center of the Galaxy from an explosion that occurred 200,000 years ago. The energy from SuperNova 1987a is just now reaching us. This powerful new DNA packed particle energy will help transform mankind by electrically altering our energy signature.

This super charged particle energy works with our own body-electric as it speeds up cellular vibration. We become lighter and raise our bodies/minds/consciousness to 4D ideals of Unity onto 5D consciousness/ideals of Love and beyond, worlds without end.

This energy/vibration with new higher evolutionary patterns is transforming us from a carbon based beings into crystalline based beings. Our  atoms/cells are literally mutating. (Walter Russell once stated that “atoms are light curled in on itself”.)

This shift is a consciousness change…an uplift to the human mind and thought vibrations to a completely new realm of understanding and existing, one born of Love where we know and see the divine within all.

It is an electrical shift caused by super charged particle energy. We are electromagnetic beings governed by an electromagnetic Universe.

Our emotions are magnetic…Our thoughts are electric…

This new supercharged particle energy is opening new pathways within our DNA, which according to some sources was 200 strands in the time of Atlantis and now we  operate on 2 strands.

The fabled “fall of man” is the closing down of DNA strands to experience the fullness of the dual natured 3D world of illusion. It was necessary in order for us to forget our Divine heritage and completely embrace 3D thinking in order to experience the fullness of separation and eventually pain. Had we remained cognizant of our connection to Source we would never have experienced separation…a needed factor to grow through as we develop Unity consciousness and Self Love.

We have now arrived at what is most popularly known as the “Shift”, the “Quickening” or the “Judgment Day”. It has everything to do with consciousness, mind and you!

Depending on where you’ve grown up or what your belief system is, you may know this as the arrival of the Christ Mind, the Krishna Mind or the Buddha Mind. It is an energetic electromagnetic shift in conscious awareness caused by super charged energy.

We are all of ONE mind…being transformed into Super Man/Mind of Source with full knowledge of our Divinity.

Each one of us has chosen to be here at this time…it is no accident. Every one of us is waking to this knowledge and with each awakening and acceptance the new grid establishes itself deeper and deeper into the matrix as our new world of pure higher thought is created from this energy.

The Golden Age…predicted and foretold in ancient prophecy and religion is on the horizon and we are the inhabitants of this newly established, Divine community where Unity and Love reign supreme.

It all begins with non resistance and total and complete acceptance and Self Love.

That’s the true magic 😉




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