Source, Self and Divine Consciousness 11

Understanding Self.

The Source of all Knowledge.

The Source of your Being.

The Source of Life.


Let’s look at Webster’s definition of Source:

Part of Speech
Noun 1. The place where something begins, where it springs into being;6. Someone who originates or causes or initiates something.[Wordnet] 12.That from which anything comes forth, regarded as its cause or origin; the person from whom anything originates; first cause.[Websters].

We can easily establish Source as the beginning, the initiator and the cause.

Since we all spring from Source of creation…the Source of All Potential… then it makes sense that we are all connected through our shared connection to Source. In other words…Source is the place that we all share and the engine that drives it.

As individualized expressions of the ONE (Source), we forgot about our connection to Source and began to think that we were the creators. Our “ego” (that human side) voice became so loud and demanding that we could no longer hear the inspired voice and started listening to the loud voice…which we thought was our power center.

Competition ensued as each person saw themselves as separate and divided from one another. Not understanding connection to Source anymore, mankind did not understand that as he did to others he did to himself because of his and others shared connection to Source.

Fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, and wars invaded our minds and our consciousness and manifested in our lives. Separation and duality were in full swing and in control.

All for a purpose.

The awakening of a fully conscious being whose body (every cell of every atom) is one of total reflection of the Light of God. A threefold being…soul, body and mind, that is in ONE resonance. One that KNOWS and is consciously aware of his connection to Source.

When you surrender self to Unity and live without separate desires (the web of sub-creation) you become an open vessel for the Light (God’s mind/thoughts) to flow from your center.

Thinking with ONE purpose…God’s purpose…in alignment with Divine Peace, Power and Purpose.

A point of greatness…reflecting and magnifying the Light of God…with complete knowledge of Self.

A generator of Light.

Aware of connection to Source. Aware of connection to others.

When we live in this “flow”…as in “go with the flow”…

and get out of the way with our own limited ideas…as in “let go and let God.”

God comes to Experience himself rather than just BEING…using our consciousness as a magnifier/reflector for his Light of creation.

Understand your greatness.

You spring from Source.

Source lives, moves and breathes through you.

You live, move and breathe through Source.

ONE Being…ONE movement…ONE Source.

The more aware you are of this connection…the more you consciously embrace this connection and “go with the flow”…

and reflect God’s greatness.

The time has come for mankind to evolve out of limited, divided awareness,  to full understanding and knowledge of Self…

As God, as Light, as Love, as Source.

We are a co-creator only in the sense that we consciously get out of the way and allow God to create through us. We become an instrument being played by the Master.

Or we continue to think we are the creators and block the flow. This blockage creates a shadow and this shadow is the sub-creation, the illusion (just as when you stand with the sun behind you…you create a shadow…it is also an illusion…a shadow is nothing but a blockage of light…not the reality.

You are not a co-creator in the sense that you are a separate creator. Co implies two, separate implies two.

That’s what the ego wants you to believe. It’s very life depends on the relationship it has with you.

There is only ONE creator…ONE Source.

Embrace, Become…and KNOW.

If these words resonate with your heart…

Join us here at Liberating Divine Consciousness

as we continue our journey of  self discovery and


In honor of Divine Consciousness…



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