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Prince Ea states in 60 seconds how we are responsible for our own levels of stress.

We constantly hear the affects our thoughts have on our physiology, biology, immune system, mental health, behavior, actions, life experiences…our quality of well being.

It is pretty simple, do not allow thoughts to percolate that you do not want to see in your life.

It is about resonance, the frequency our thoughts, feelings and emotions emit, attract the same into our daily experiences.


abc0df3501c58ebef402796aab5ce3c0To ensure all understand this is backed by science, note Einstein’s statement, everything in existence is energy.

All energy carries a particular frequency similar to picking up signals with the radio in your car.

Traveling outside of the satellite area loses the frequency of the station.

We are creatures of habit and conditioning.  This may be as beneficial as it may be a disadvantage.

Creating habits that ensure the recognition of a constant state of wellbeing determines the quality of our lives.

Our habits may keep us imprisoned, or they can change with the growth of awareness.  Our behavior and actions are contingent on our moment to moment state of consciousness.

The family, religion, education, culture, environment we grew up in formed our perspective on life.  Our subconscious is the hard drive that stores  and protects these beliefs; whether they are consistent with our higher good or not.

 It is important to use inquiry regarding the judgments, opinions and perspectives we hold on to.  If they do not support joy and happiness, they may be released and let go.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

An example may be: In our formative years, the religion our family were members of may have left us with negative associations with the name God.  Therefore, every time we hear the name God, we shun any information, knowledge, or words that come after it.                                   

This does not mean the word God has the same connotation for everyone…it is simply an individual experience/perspective/opinion.  This person may need to call the One Power Source or the name given by their religion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

26_2015Respect, empathy and equality are due to everyone, as we have all traveled our own unique journeys  Whatever opens our hearts is important, not words, designations, connotations.

To this I will ask, if we write words in our posts that you have a difficult time with, please rephrase them with your given vernacular.  We are hear to share the message of love, light and life.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Just as the video states, simply recognize you are not your thoughts and:

– you are responsible for what you focus on.                                 

– the energy you give your thoughts expand them.

– when you find yourself in stress, go to your breath, your breath will bring you into the present, the now.                          

– your thoughts are passing until you focus on them.                

– your thoughts come from your mind, they may be triggered by the subconscious.  

– if you focus on your thoughts of fear and they expand into stress, stop the spiral by asking yourself questions such as:                                                                                   are they real, how are you in that very moment, do you want to see them manifested in your life.

You cannot be in the moment and be in stress 99% of the time, just as you cannot be in judgment and be in love.  

If you are in your thoughts you are not in the moment, the present, which is a gift, the gift of life.

Your life, your choice, your experience, your response-ability!

Make your habits and routines count!  Come back to your moment, lift the energy up to the moment, enjoy life.

To your noble efforts and committed perseverance,530531_560414697306071_1560774151_n

     Suzen and Kathy tinyheart


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