The Divine Kernel 2

My family was at the beach during Memorial Weekend. We are a large family with seven children, fifteen grandchildren, four great grandchildren and four on the way. My sister was going out for a run and I was in the kitchen with her three sons between the ages of 10-14.

Before setting off, she asked me to share a spiritual lesson with her boys. I asked them if they were familiar with the concept that they were made in the image and likeness of God. They all nodded so I went on and asked them what those words meant to them.

The three of them were earnestly trying to decipher what being made in the image of God meant to them.
Yet they were hemming and hawing and needed a little support. I then asked them to give me some adjectives for God.

The eldest said love, the twelve year old said life and the youngest said God is in all things. So I asked if each of them could state I am whatever their definition of God is. It was interesting to observe their feelings around stating that I am love, I am life, I am in all things.

We are born without labels. When we are born the identity of male or female, white, black or race, Christian, Jew, Muslim, religion, rich or poor, is not in our consciousness. Slowly our family, community, culture and world fills our identity with labels . We are also taught that a judgmental God is in the heavens somewhere and will punish us if we are not good.

In the Bible we are taught about fear of God. The phrase refers to being in awe of God, yet many of us connote God with fear, pain, loss of freedom, lack, or limitation.

Some of us believe that an undesirable lot in life is God’s will.

The ego is the root cause of this type of thought. The ego separates, badgers, threatens, limits, and is the author of fear. Our thoughts and emotions originate in either love or fear. It is obvious what is mastering us if our thoughts are fearful or loving.

Try a little experiment. Take a spirit break. Sit down, clear your thoughts, and ask yourself, “How do I feel when I think of myself as a divine being? What emotions arise when I tell myself that I am love, I am life, I am in all things and all things are within me.

If there is any resistance where is it coming from? Do you think it has anything to do with what we have been taught since birth? The resistance comes from stored concepts in our subconscious that has created actual tracks in our neural pathways.

We have much to unlearn before we can become comfortable with the truth of who we are, our essence. Albeit we can intellectually understand the principles of universal law, if we have been taught opposite concepts throughout our lives and our self confidence, self respect or self love has been compromised in our life, there is a necessity to heal and pave those carved pathways in our brain.

This will remedy the push pull emotion when we attempt to live what we intellectualize. There is a vast range of tools, techniques, and strategies that we can use to retrain and reprogram a lifetime of erroneous concepts and principles.

Techniques that assists us in achieving clarity about our weaknesses and strengths, or strategies such as affirmation, meditation, visualization, hypnosis, bodywork, and the plethora of movement, exercise, martial arts that restore the soul and unite mind body and spirit.

Tapping, NLP, oracles, feng shui, anything that awakens the need for change and transforms the soul in through venues of nourishment, awareness, environment, energy, emotions, physical, spiritual, mental, relational, or career.

Everything you do to create peace and joy in your life, and liberate your consciousness is worthwhile. The fastest way to enlightenment is to fill more minutes in your day with gratitude, praise and love.

Gratitude multiplies, loving yourself, your Creator and neighbor fills your being with light and praise opens you to the joy that we are meant to be.

There are many coaches, teachers, gurus, and leaders in the spiritual movement whose teachings may change lives. The greatest teacher is the divine kernel of light within the soul, the inner desire and urging to know more, live more, reach our potential.

The inner voice directly within every soul is the source of all wisdom and specific to the individual soul. Directly within each individual is the most powerful teachings. The greatest work is mind control.

We must master our thoughts instead of being slaves to the storms of the mind. Every thought must become purpose. This may seem daunting yet every challenge we accept in life has a beginning and there is no more awe-inspiring destination.

The aim of life is to realize who we are, to nurture the divine kernel in each one of us, to remember our purpose and to no longer forget our potential and divinity.

“Though man a thinking being is defined,
Few use the greatest prerogative of mind.
How few think justly of the thinking few!
How many never think, who think they do.”

In Honor of Divine Mind,


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