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Energy indeed transforms, the possibility is endless, limitless, the lighter the energy, the higher the frequency.  We all know this well, if your thought patterns are heavy, these thoughts drop into emotions and emotions are feelings in motion= e motion = energy in motion.

These heavy laden thoughts bring you down, lower the frequency of your energy and the result is sluggishness, fatigue, sedentary physical behaviors.  We literally can become paralyzed. depressed, which literally means pressed down.

Therefore as Dr. Janni Lloyd states in her post, “Difficult for people to feel lighthearted with these deep programmes running.”

Question every: thought, opinion, belief system, perception; each and everyone affects our energy, the frequency which either builds our health, vitality and immune system or compromises it.

Understand we have come through millennia of false teachings, propaganda, indoctrination, disinformation, and brain-washing.  It is high time each of us unlearn the myths to enable truth to establish herself within us.

Enjoy the poignant, soul stirring writings of Dr. Janni Lloyd:

The ‘Grail’ really has been right in front of us…disguised cleverly within the ‘ordinary’.

The ordinary us – our physical body and reality – is so magnificent and yet the psychological and emotional wound inflicted by the belief ‘ physical death is inevitable’ has clouded our vision.

Because humanity had the mass belief that ‘physical death is inevitable’, people bought into a thoughtform that their bodies were born with a ‘design fault’!!

They concluded deep within their psyche that if their physical body must die at some point – that they reach a ‘use by date’ – then they must have a ‘design fault’that makes them vulnerable to ‘attack’ and just about everything else.

At an emotional level, the effects of the ‘design fault’ belief are even more devastating – such as ‘I am so unworthy, so I was given this affliction’ and ‘I must be guilty of something just for being me, otherwise I wouldn’t be sentenced to death’ and ‘It’s dangerous to be me’ etc etc . Difficult for people to feel lighthearted with these deep programmes running.9321ebe22770a68e912d3c090dda2847

As we use unconditional love, gratitude and praise to move out of this inherited guilt and regain our innocence – the open heart – we fall in love with ourselves – our ordinary and extraordinary selves – right here , right now.

On the physical death path we felt we had to be ‘special’ to SURVIVE. This created dislike for our ordinary self. And pressure to be ‘extraordinary’ which usually felt unpleasant and fake. We pushed ourselves to move out of our comfort zone or disliked ourselves for staying in it. The physical body felt this inner conflict and slowly withered.

The beautiful loving dance of the ordinary/extraordinary allows the Grail cup within the heart to continually provide vitality to the cells of the physical body.

Our cup runneth over….

A post by Janni Lloyd, M.D.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Physical Immortality – the mass possibility’s Blog

The ‘Ordinary’ Immortal

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