The Prophecy of the End of Death

The Prophecy of the End of Death

Translation from the Libraries of the Flower, Nazca, Peru

light body3

A time with great glory, when light conquers all

One day shall come after overcoming the Fall
When the ages of death shall be done away
When the tyranny of the grave shall no longer hold sway
When once again gods shall walk among men.

Eternal life shall be possible then
Much shall be done in the times to come
Immortal mastery shall be gained by some

After long ages when humankind slept
In the Flower libraries the Aranatvi a vigil kept

May you keep your mind open, your heart peaceful and your body alive….forever.

It’s time to embrace the greatest of all gifts, to unite with our heritage and KNOW that DEATH has no power over us! The only power allotted to death is the power we give it through our minds by our thoughts…our perceptions. It’s time to change your perceptions…to expand your consciousness to include all of LIFE.

The formula is simple: LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE LIFE and EVERY MOMENT THAT COMES TO YOU. That’s it.

LOVE< LOVE< LOVE can it get any more simple than that? Any thought less than LOVE moves you out of divine will and into separate thought…your personal views. Just LOVE.

Celebrating your IMMORTAL BODY… and ETERNAL LIFE…

In Service…with SO MUCH LOVE!


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