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unity-in-actionFor the most part, most of us go through life not paying too much attention to what goes on inside of our heads. The world perceived through our senses keeps us ever busy as our attention remains glued to outer appearances with news and other sources occupying our minds and thoughts. It is the world of our 5 physical senses. The world of duality.

If we are not worrying about paying a bill or two…we’re fearful of relaxing into the moment thinking that we must struggle to create a better future for ourselves. How can we relax when we have so much to accomplish in our minds and life and our future depends on us? What a weight we hold on our shoulders.

Have you actually ever sat and observed the operations within your mind as you make decisions? Try it sometime.

For example: I am sure everyone reading this post has taken off work a day or two in the past for no reason other than to play. If you analyze your mind operations as they step through the stages of that decision you will most likely remember a rather commanding ‘voice’ giving you all sorts of reasons you should take the day off and go to the beach or whatever was your desire. This is the guy with the little red suit, big horns and a “flaming” personality. lol

“You need this day…you’ve worked so hard lately.” “Everything is caught up at work so don’t worry about taking one day off”…you get the gist…there are a myriad of reasons for not going to work and your mind will make sure to tap into whatever angle it believes will work to convince you.

On the other hand, that supposed “other” voice, which perceives things from the opposite end of the spectrum…you know, the one with the “halo” on it’s head…tells you to do the exact opposite. In this case it would be convincing you from it’s point of view to go to work.

And the battle rages.

It plays both sides! It does not care which choice you make as long as you make a choice to do one or the other. Whatever your choice is, it will easily find fault with it once you have invested in it. It is always reaching for the other side…for that is how the LAW operates in the land of duality.  It is not it’s nature to be satisfied. It is always reaching for more of what it is.

From the Hermetic Laws:

4. The Law of Polarity: Polarity = Power. All things are dual, everything contains its opposite.  ”Everything Is Dual; Everything Has Its Pair Of Opposites; Like And Unlike Are The Same; Opposites Are Identical In Nature, But Different In Degree; Extremes Meet; All Truths Are But Half Truths ; All Paradoxes May Be Reconciled.” 

Once the choice is made, this same voice then reprimands you for making the choice it talked you into making in the first place! HUH??  

This ‘voice’ puts on many guises and it has convinced you that you have a ‘good angel’ and a ‘bad angel’ directing your every action. You have two voices…a good one and a bad one…at least that’s what you’ve been convinced of.

In reality, there is only one voice, that’s the voice of ego and it’s world is dual in nature. Your Divine nature…your Soul, communicates through feelings…your higher senses, and an ever so quiet voice unlike the one you’ve been listening to for so long. You can only hear this voice when your mind is empty of your own thoughts about any given situation. That’s why we call these inspired thoughts. They suddenly appear in our minds when we are not thinking about things.

When your mind is clear of the debris of thoughts that rage between the two poles of good and bad in any given situation, you have arrived at the fulcrum…the center, where all Power resides and all poles springs from.

As the caretaker of your children you discipline with Love so that they grow into healthy, active and productive individuals,…so too does your Soul offer to you with Love the exact experience/opportunity you need for growth.

Give your ego the credit it is due.  It longs to be appreciated for the role it has played in raising your consciousness. The ego is the grandest teacher of mankind. Life expresses itself through movement between the opposite poles.

Remember,  whatever you give your attention to manifests. If you  believe that your ego is your ‘worst enemy’ your Soul is happy to respond with more situations for you to continue with that thought pattern. It’s all about matching the resonance.

Transmute this powerful energy produced by your strong WILL/EGO into accomplishing Divine Acts. That is your purpose and your Heritage. When you resist it you expand energy to include more of what you resist!

When your emotional side and your intellectual side (the two poles creating movement within you…you know, the guy with the horns and the angel with the halo) embrace each other as ONE contributing movement…then you give rise to Higher Consciousness often referred to as your Christ Self…a consciousness that embraces and knows that it is both things and without both things life does not exist.

Working as ONE SELF AWARE UNIT, a new energy is birthed from this Union…a very powerful self aware energy that KNOWS of it’s Divine Nature and perceives the world about with new eyes…listens the world about with new ears…experiences the world about with higher refined senses born of the Union of Intellect with Intuition.

A higher refined body…vibrating at a higher rate…pure consciousness, free and in UNITY of thought is born.

Christ Consciousness is an awareness of SELF and ALL CREATION as manifestations of Source.

It is your eyes, ears, nose,  mouth and touch that Source uses to experience all of Life.

You are how the Universe enJOYS itself.

There is no you making decisions…choosing one side or the other as it seems. There is only Soul, an extension of Source, leading you to greater opportunities for growth, expansion and evolution of your conscious awareness of Self.

Know with full clarity your Divine Self/Soul and your Divine connection with All that is, and no longer will battles rage between right and wrong within you. You know yourself to be both the creator and the creation. You will simply BE…without opinions, without labels, without judgments, free of fear, guilt and all resonating vibrations…allowing LIFE TO LIVE, to Learn, to experience without borders ALL that Source Desires.

Heaven, Shangrila, Avalon, or Camelot…they are all here…all right Now. If you are not yet perceiving these places it is because you do not yet resonate. Your Desire will get you there.

You must resonate in order to participate. It is LAW.

Know yourself and the workings of  your mind. That is the key.

See you on the  inside 😉

For further understanding of these principles watch the video with Walter Russell’s explanation read out loud from his incredible book:
“The Secret of Light”… There are two parts to this video and I will place the second part in the next post. If you really want to expand your conscious understanding and clarity of life, light, love and YOU then these are the type things you need to be filling it with. Keep feeding your mind Light and eventually it becomes a Light BEing!


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