What If?


“What if humanity was never meant to struggle, live in fear of survival, experience illness, disease, decay, pain, suffering, separation, ageing and death? What if a higher destiny exists within us, that until now, remained over looked, even by most saints, sages, and enlightened teachers?

Electricity has always been present, but we lived in darkness until we discovered what was always there.

What if almost everything we’ve been taught to be normal and just how life is, is actually only common, not normal at all, and out of alignment with our greatest potential?

What if who we really are is a Grand Self, one with our source, invincible and perfect?

Just like the mango seed contains a pattern for a greater destiny where the seed will, under the right conditions, naturally transform into the full glory of its inherent design, every person embodies a Grand Self, where under the right conditions, can be realized and expressed, without limit.

When this happens, fear, disease, illness, poverty, limitation, ageing, and even death fall away, exposed for the illusions they always were.

The challenge is most people don’t believe it. They either think it’s too good to be true or don’t know how to be the invincible Self they’ve always dreamed of being. What if there are bridges that can transform our minds and hearts virtually instantly?

What if change can be simple, fast and easy?

In this inspiring and empowering feature documentary film from multi award-winning filmmaker, James A Sinclair, audiences will be transformed into greatness through an emotionally moving story where the filmmaker himself had an awakening of the Grand Self that changed his life forever, lost it, then brings you on a journey back into discovering how to be the Grand Self of unlimited potential and power that we’ve been covering up….”

Taken from the writings of:                                                                                                                                                                         Janni Lloyd, MD

“Physical Immortality the Mass Possibility”

Do you have the capability to open your mind, heart and soul to this concept?

Is it possible for you to reach, dig deep within to your very core to accept and receive all the light and love within your heart and soul awaiting your acceptance? Will you acknowledge your Grand self and Divine destiny?

If you believe in an Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Creator, or in Love, which is the same Source, how can we not accept we were created in the same likeness and therefore our destiny is to be One with this Divinity within?

To our opening, acceptance, reception and acknowledgement,

kathy and suzen




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