You Are The Master Alchemist 3

Alchemy, the most sacred science of all. The science of self-transformation. The Art of Precipitation…consciously controlling mutations within matter and ~energy~

The time is now. The Master Alchemist within all of us is being asked to demonstrate these truths and choose at every moment a conscious new direction for earth and mankind…one in line with the new higher vibrating 5th dimensional energies of love and beauty that are arriving from the cosmos.

As conditions arise in our personal lives that trigger old worn out patterns of reactionary, emotional responses…we as Master Alchemists-precipitators and transformers, have the power to change these energies into something positive as we embrace new higher vibrating thoughts and begin to make conscious choices to live in peace, harmony and love.

We have forgotten we own this magic. The magic of transformation…the power to transform all that is not desirable…dark, depressing and dirty…into light, life, love and golden opportunities.

It begins at home…in our minds. These things cannot manifest until we think them first! We are the creators of our world so how can we possibly think we can create a world of peace, love and harmony when our minds entertain dark, dense, fearful thoughts?

It is time to step forth in our glory, power and position of  “conscious thought creators” and be the Master Alchemists (knowers of the All-Chemistry of God) that we were meant to be, precipitating a world of beauty, grace, honor, peace, abundance, joy and love. The new Camelot, the Golden Age on Earth is in our minds waiting for expression and the time is now.

The sludge is coming up. The eons of built up emotional sludge is being released as these new powerful energies bombard earth and raise vibratory levels in all things. You, the Master Alchemist is  being asked to transform this emotional sludge as it arises to be inline/online with Divine LOVE.

We are Divine Intelligence expressing Divine LOVE. It is through us and our conscious use of this power that every negative condition is transmuted into a positive one for nothing can remain dark that is  embraced by Light. We are the transmitters and the generators of that Light with the power to mold it and shape it.

Lack, limitations, dis-ease, struggles and pain…they have no place in the New World being created by the energies of love, freedom, peace and joy. These are the vibrations of 5th dimensional energy arriving on earth from SuperNova 1987a, photons from the center of the galaxy and super charged solar flares…the energies of ascension, the energies of LOVE.

You are Merlin the Magician , you are the Master Alchemist…you own the power to transmute and translate every condition, thought and pattern and weave a symphony of peace, harmony and love into your personal life as well as the earth grid in preparation for the New Earth, New Compensation, New Paradigm….New HU-man…the Golden Age of Camelot.

As Genie appears magically to do your bidding, Merlin has granted us a “magic love wand.” This is our personal tool to use whenever we feel emotional automated negative responses to any condition surfacing. Rather than reacting…allowing emotions to control the situation, pause, reflect and reach for your magical “love wand!”!


Choose to consciously act in a manner inline with unconditional love and allow your “wand of love” to sprinkle magic sparkle dust of Divine Intelligence all around and through each condition as it arises.  Assign only the most beautiful words…the most descriptive divine adjectives you can imagine to every situation that presents itself in your life and watch the essence of love transform and work its magic.

Wave your “love wand” and watch as these magical sparkles move at the speed of Light  in a dance that goes beyond time and space lovingly arranging themselves around each circumstance, changing colors and transforming every negative, dark, slow vibrating condition/molecule into one of beauty and grace, one that vibrates with the speed of Light and reflects every color of the prism. One that is the pure essence of LOVE.

“Bling the situation to death!” Create diamonds where coal exists and gold where lead lies!

Raise the vibration and transform hate to love, dark to light and death to life…

“Bling-Bling”…wave your magic love wand and be the Master Alchemist you are.

You have this power!! Yes, yes you do. Claim it and use it 🙂

This is the Power of LOVE in Action…and you are the Source.

“See every situation, no matter how it looks to your human eye as an opportunity to express to yourself, the true beauty and the true love of what you are about.”

Your Glory is beyond words and your Love is beyond measure… 😉




Take a moment to enrich your spirit…





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