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loveBeyond doting on your lover, partner, children, parents, friends or pets how many have gleaned the inner meaning of this ‘sacred” holiday. I say sacred because it is the holiday of Love and there is nothing more sacred than Love.

What is Love? Love is all things. It is the ONE vibration that comes before all others. It is inclusive of all others. It is Divine Consciousness.

“Love is the energy of life.” Robert Browning

You are a spark of Love. Your consciousness is actually a resonating spark off the old flame of “Love” and as such you have all the attributes of Love. You are LOVE incarnate.

Our one true essence, the vibration, the actual frequency of who we are…of our authentic self is Love! That’s why it feels so good to give and receive Love…in those moments we are ONE with our inner Divine Selves. In those moments we are authentic; we are harmonized.

We are aligned with Love. What is Love? We are Love and when we align our emotions, thoughts, words,  and deeds up with Love we are authentic and when we try and BE anything but Love we produce distorted vibrations in our lives.

These distorted vibrations manifest as dis-ease in our bodies, dis-ease in our emotions, dis-ease in our thoughts and dis-ease in our actions.

That is why when we are expressing emotions, thoughts, words or deeds that are less than Love we have actually created a vibration that does not resonate with our authentic selves and it causes dis-ease in our system just as a musical instrument will produce sounds that are not harmonized when it is out of tune.

What is our system? We are a vibrating system of atoms. They need to be harmonized together in order to work properly…in order for the whole system to function at peak level.

What is peak level? Love. Anything less than Love and you are out of harmony into a FEAR based vibration/emotion. You are no longer your authentic self; you have moved out of consciously vibrating LOVE into consciously vibrating some distorted vibration stemming out of FEAR. Once you’ve invited fear into your resonance it affects your whole body…your whole system of vibration. It infects it and distorts it and you are no longer residing in your ONE TRUE VIBRATION OF LOVE.

Just as a musical instrument produces distorted sounds/music when it is not in tune, so too do you produce distortion in your vibratory life when you are not in tune.

A Piano has all the possibilities to produce fabulous, harmonizing sounds, fabulous tones/music. But, only if it is in tune. When a piano is out of tune, it is not harmonized. The notes cannot flow forth to create beautiful music and it creates distorted sounds instead. The vibrations are out of tune which ruins the whole experience.

And, it only takes one string…one note to be out of tune to ruin the whole experience.

You and your body function the same way. When you are aligned with your true authentic self…Love, you are harmonized with your one true vibration and the music you produce in life is harmonizing. It vibrates through your whole body…every cell, every atom to create the sound, the note, the vibration of you…harmonizing everything to perfection within you.

When you are out of tune…when you are vibrating a resonance that is not in line…not aligned with your true authentic vibration/Love, nothing is harmonized. Your energy rather than flowing in one harmonious sound/movement is distorted. A distorted sound produces distorted music. In this case it would manifest as a distorted life.

If you are experiencing things in your life that are not pleasant to you then know that you are out of resonance, out of harmony with your ONE TRUE VIBRATION; Love.

Understand this: YOU are always Love. You cannot be otherwise…because that is your One true authentic self. However what you think, do or say can be out of alignment with Love and when it is the Love vibration that is trying to come through from the center of your atoms is distorted along the way and the results in your life are a distortion.

They do not reflect Love.

It’s an open invitation to dis-ease because you are out of alignment with Love…your authentic self. You no longer experience EASE which is an attribute of Love.

You experience dis-ease. Dis-ease in your body is created from an imbalance in the flow of your energy which has occurred because your thoughts, your beliefs and perceptions are labeling things outside of Love. This distortion of energy causes a misalignment; a distortion in your pure vibration.

In other words, your thoughts are in the gutter! Your perceptions and beliefs are distorted causing you to view the world through a clouded glass.

How do I re-align myself conscious self with Love? By paying attention to your inner world. By getting in touch with how things work (just as you did in your outer world) and begin functioning within the Laws of your inner world.

You must adjust your emotions, thoughts, words and deeds in tune with Love. No more can you entertain fear and it’s ‘groupies’…anger, hate, jealousy, guilt’s of any kind, condemnations, pointing fingers…etc., etc., they all belong to the fear group.

The key to staying healthy is to stay balanced and the key to staying balanced is BE your true authentic vibration of Love. When you are resonating Love you are perfectly aligned with your true frequency…the frequency of YOU, your vibration is pure and untainted, free of distortion and the music you produce is harmonized.

This harmonization reflects out into your world and your world lines up to reflect  this back to you. Just as beautiful music is echoed back perfectly.

If I can leave you with one thought…it would be this. LOVE YOURSELF COMPLETELY without any kind of conditions being placed on yourself. Understand your journey, every experience in your life is an opportunity to express Love.

When you are vibrating with your true essence you are harmonized. However when you discover that you are entertaining thoughts about the world about you…whether it be person, place or thing that are not aligned with Love know that these are the areas you need to heal.

How do I heal them? Your higher self will create situations that bring these issues up to your conscious attention. When you become conscious of the fact they they reside in you through these experiences (you know…when your buttons are pushed) you have the opportunity to transmute this distorted energy into LOVE by your conscious INTENT TO DO SO!

As long as its lying hidden deep within the recesses of your soul you can’t change it. It must surface to be removed. We can’t heal what we don’t know needs healing.

You actually shift this distorted vibration back into resonance, into harmony with LOVE…with YOU when you focus your Love on it.

That’s how powerful you are! You hold all power!

To celebrate Love Suzen and I have put together a little package of exceptional reading for you. This is not for the weak at heart…only for those that are consciously pursuing their enlightenment for only those will develop ‘eyes that see and ears that hear’ in order to discern the messages. (Link below article)

If you can love one thing today…consciously with intent LOVE YOURSELF! LOVE ALL THAT YOU ARE in this very moment and in all moments. Quit the judging, the condemnations, the guilt trips that you have layered over your authentic self since first entertaining fear.

YOU are none of these things! You are always in every moment LOVE doing the best it knows how to do with the consciousness that it is working through…you must quit the guilt!

Your judgments and condemnations of others cannot stop until you no longer judge yourself. The cleanup starts at home. You must realize that you are judging no one but yourself and that is why you recognize this infraction in others…this vibration exists in you, otherwise you would not even pick up on it…(you pick up on it because you resonate with it!) you would only see Love in action.

The next time you begin a judgment of something outside of yourself…stop and reflect. Know that this is an opportunity to transmute this lower distorted energy you are feeling into Love. Know that is why this situation occurred in the first place. To bring your attention to Love.

Remember, everything is vibration…everything has a frequency (that’s how it expresses) so if you are resonating negative feelings of any kind…

YOU are the first one to feel the effects of these vibrations you send out. If the vibration is a distorted one then your atomic structure is treated to this vibration as it flows out from you and your world is distorted by your distorted perceptions flowing out.

Reversely when you give and live in the vibration of Love…IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES this is what flows out of you and YOU are the first to benefit of its healing nature.

Whatever YOU are vibrationally…YOU ARE. Plain and simple.

OUR GIFT OF LOVE TO YOU…open your Heart to receive…for this gift holds LIGHT, LIFE and LOVE within but you must open yourself to receive. To receive click the link to download the zip file…LOVE IS IN THE AIR

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Now, go hug yourself on this day of Love…for the most important Love you can express is Love for YOU!

So much more to come!

Love, hugs and all good things…

kathy heart



I feel My God Flame touch my brow,
The Breath of Love—eternal now,
I raise my eyes and lo, I see
My own Great God Self over me.

A dazzling cloud envelopes all,
hear My Real God “Presence” call, 
I feel a surge of Love’s great might,
I enter deep its Breath—its Light.

I see within this Pulsing Flame,
I listen, and hear my Secret Name,
I feel the glow—the Great Flame Breath,
I am the Victor over death.

I stand forth free-Ascended now,
To my heart’s Light, all things do bow:
I am a Being of Cause alone
And That Cause, Love—The Sacred Tone.

I pour out Life—I lift, I raise,
My heart o’erflows and sings its praise,
My power strengthens and inspires,
My Great Light Rays are God’s Own Fires.

I am a Sun, My Love—Its Light
All else grows dim—earth lost to sight;
I know I am just God—The One
The Source—The Great, Great Central Sun.

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